Oozing Wound


The press release for the bad-vibes party guys of Chicago’s Oozing Wound states that their debut album is “not made for laptop speakers or ear buds.” True enough — this shit is built for live shows. But that aesthetic is a sword that cuts both ways, because for all the energy and vitality on this record, there is a certain lack of originality to the riffs and composition.

Oozing Wound seems to relish the interplay between feral thrash riffs and the misanthropic malaise of sludge, but there aren’t many surprises along the way. The best track, “Call Your Guy,” switches from a stock sludge groove to a broken gallop, reminiscent of local sludgemasters Black Cobra, and then returns to more 4/4 mud-trudging. Meanwhile, “Everyone I Hate Should Be Killed” and “Autopsy Turvy” bring a more straightforward, albeit filthy, thrash approach. Album closer “Spirit Manimal” summons siren guitars that perfectly set up the crossover-thrash banger, although the blast-beat lost me along the way.

The lack of differentiation between tracks makes even the 31 minutes of this debut a little overbearing at times. But in an era of incessant and bland genre-aping, Oozing Wound’s brand of raw, pissed-off rock is still a welcome change. (Thrill Jockey)


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