.Online Map of Prop. 8 Donors Fuels Controversy

Did your neighbor donate to Prop. 8? Now you can find out very easily thanks to a mash-up of Prop. 8 campaign donors and Google Maps, called EightMaps.com. The map allows users to find the names, occupations, employers, and amount given of those who donated to the anti-gay-marriage initiative, as well as their approximate location of residence. (Not surprisingly, there are small clusters in Alameda, San Leandro, Piedmont, and over the hills. Not so much in Berkeley.) But it’s once again raising privacy concerns as some donors say they are finding themselves more easily the targets of harassment. That was also the argument behind the lawsuit filed by the Yes on 8 donors, who argued that the state’s finance disclosure law was chilling their rights to free speech. But late last month a federal judge refused to shield them.


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