.Nervous Energy

For the week of September 5-11, 2012.

Nervous systems quiver with intensity this week, as several celestial patterns up the ante on the already hectic pace of terrestrial life. Even if you’re not involved in any time-specific deadlines or plans and projects in need of staying on schedule, you’re likely to feel time simply slipping away. And that could lead to a peculiar stress reminiscent of a recurring dream many of us have where no matter how hard we try, we just can’t seem to make the plane, train, or school bus. But that’s not all. The fascia of human interactions, already stretched from the strain of significant emotional demands, is sure to ache from an increased need to make sense not only of personal circumstances, but also of our collective situation.

Despite several planetary configurations that provide the potential for the solid, grounded application of common sense, a strange and uncontrollable need to test the limits of all sorts of realities causes nervous systems to stay on high alert. As this astral adrenalin pumps through the week, do whatever it is you do to stay calm, centered, and reliant upon the biggest possible perspective to guide you through the particulars.

Mercury, symbolizing all intellectual functions and endeavors, is at the source of this week’s nervous energy. Currently in Virgo, its Home Sign, which makes its mental might even mightier, Mercury is in a conjunction with the Sun, a sextile to Mars, a trine to Pluto, and a square to Jupiter. When Mercury shares the same space with the Sun, we tend to experience a lack of objectivity that often manifests as the inability to listen to and consider the opinion of others. (By the way, listening doesn’t necessarily mean you have to agree.) When Mercury forms a positive alliance with Mars, minds tend to move quickly, and because Mars is currently in Scorpio, a highly intuitive Sign, some of what occurs as a result could manifest as emotional agitation, especially if imagination takes over and urges the mind to latch onto the worst possible scenarios.

The good news in this Mercury mess is that when Mercury trines Pluto, we have an opportunity to experience an almost devotional need to get to the bottom of things intellectually. Mercury, in the form of Hermes, is the only Olympian god to travel between heaven and hell in the blink of the mind’s eye. So when it joins with Pluto, or Hades, the god of the underworld, our minds have a tendency to travel between our own personal heaven and hell. Fortunately, a trine is a positive partnership, but you will still have to pay close attention to where your mind wants to wander — and why. Use this trine as an opportunity to gather self-awareness.

A Mercury/Jupiter square that also includes the Sun/Mercury conjunction provides the possibilities for an expansive perspective. While this bundle tends toward extravagance or exaggeration, it just as easily leans toward humor, and given the wide range of ideas we are sure to encounter during the week, irony is likely to take the lead.

Use your wit wisely, but also keep in mind that many of us are feeling hypersensitive as a consequence of the Uranus/Pluto square that’s inching toward its second exact contact on September 19, and too much mockery at the expense of others might have a detrimental effect.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Let go of your need to control the outcome, and you’ll open to a wide range of positive possibilities. Stay fluid during this process; you’ll be pleased with the results.

TAURUS Give yourself permission to examine new belief systems, especially ideas about what relationships should look like. Stay true to you and you’ll come up with creative solutions.

GEMINI It takes a gigantic effort, but if you stay focused, you’ll be able to put together exactly what you need to create a greater sense of safety and security, internal as well as external.

CANCER Powerful conversations with partners help to clarify important issues that have been lying beneath the surface of your daily interactions. Embrace these revelations and you’ll experience a deep relief.

LEO Wear your love like heaven, step into the spotlight, and hold it as long as you like. Your personal charisma is potent and powerful, and capable of opening new opportunities for success.

VIRGO You’ve got a lot to say, and nothing is going to keep you from sharing your opinions. Just remember (when you come up for air) to try and listen to what others have to say.

LIBRA The secret to the week is to not take anything so seriously that you forget to laugh at life’s ironies. I’m not suggesting disconnection. I’m advising non-attachment.

SCORPIO You’re still in the leadership position, but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Trust your instincts, and you’ll handle the particulars of the situation as they arise.

SAGITTARIUS Rather than be nervous about the future, seize this powerful moment, and put your ambitions into motion. You just might surprise yourself by accomplishing your goals.

CAPRICORN Take a moment to reflect on what actually matters most to you, and then devise a strategy that will allow you to align thought, word, and action with those values.

AQUARIUS If you refuse to engage in negative thinking, despite the nervous frequency of the week, you’ll retain the ability to stay steady and solid in the midst of the madness.

PISCES Opportunities to make great strides in communication with significant others continue. So be clear and direct about what it is you want to say. And just be sure to listen with equal intensity.


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