MP3 of the Day: The Bloody Heads

Though Bloody Heads’ old MySpace slogan “Hella Bloody” probably piqued a lot of people’s interest, it apparently brought bad publicity to the local rock outfit, who’ve since changed the epithet to “We just wanna have a good time.” Yeah, it’s a little cloying. Still, the new slogan befits this folksy indie group, whose singer Caleb Nichols and drummer Josh Barnhart met in a junior high PE class and hooked up with the New England Conservatory students Giacomo Merega and Jameson Swanagon more than a decade later.

Admittedly, these guys are strange bedfellows — a pair of self-proclaimed “garage-band rats” and a pair of microtonal theory scholars — and they’ve got a strange, convoluted recording process, to boot: When the group set out to make its 2006 EP Bill Collector, Arcadia-based singer Nichols recorded the tracks in Oakland, then mailed them to Boston for bassist Merega and guitarist Swanagon to add their parts. Despite such peculiarities, Bloody Heads’ music sounds remarkably tidy and trim.

For the Bloody Heads, “having a good time” apparently means finding unsavory ways to merchandize themselves. Nichols, who also sings in the group Port O’Brien along with Barnhart, says that when both bands were still in their prokaryotic phase, they released something called the Bloody O’Brien’s Box. Said box consisted of two albums, a recording of the two groups’ live sets, a patch, a button, and a grisly (we hope) creation myth detailing the origins of the Bloody O’Briens. Though the box is no longer available, Nichols says they’re contemplating a Bloody Bundle — they’d tie it together in twine. Click here to hear Bloody Heads streaming live.


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