.Best Value in a Symphony

Awesöme Orchestra

Self-described “part performance, part open rehearsal,” Awesöme Orchestra takes a major detour from the highly refined and sometimes stuffy experiences of other symphonies. The orchestra rotates performance locations and musicians — every musician is just a volunteer who plays an instrument and wants to perform for that particular event. Like any group, performers are expected to rehearse individually before the concert, but oftentimes the group’s first time playing the music together is the concert itself. Hence the open rehearsal part — if you play an instrument yourself or have ever wanted to be a fly on the wall to see how the conductor directs and offers pointers to the musicians, this is your chance. Venues are generally unconventional and range from retail spaces, to the Oakland Library, to museums and gardens. So though you may pay the price of admission to some of these spaces, it comes with a concert.


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