.Most Astonishing Selection of Vegetarian Indian Food

New India Supermarket

Take a break from TJ’s and stock up on healthy frozen food and snacks at this clean, bright market. It’s vegetarian and vegan heaven: nothing in the store contains meat. The extensive frozen section makes eating well easy — and at $2.99 for many entrees, affordable. Choose from several kinds of stuffed paratha (whole-wheat flatbread) and samosas, plus nuke-and-serve standards like aloo gobi or sarso ka saag. Frozen samosas, pakora, bhaji and even masala dosa turn out great in the oven and not-bad in the microwave. If you’ve got a few extra minutes to heat up an iron skillet or griddle, you’re golden, and so is the food. Packaged, spicy snacks make a nice break from corn chips. Many are based on chickpea flour, a boon to the gluten-free. But if you’re ready to cook, you’re also covered here, with bulk rice, beans, peas, and lentils, plus a decent assortment of fresh vegetables. Cooks will love hard-to-find ingredients like jars of fresh, chopped turmeric, pickled limes and a wide selection of chutneys. Packaged spices are steals at $2.99 to $4.99 for seven-ounce packages, including unusual finds like powdered pomegranate or fennel. Top off your quick-and-spicy meal with a half-gallon jug of mango lassi, and you’ve got a cheap and nourishing party for your tongue.


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