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Cacti at The Dry Garden Nursery

The Dry Garden Nursery has been promoting sustainable gardening in the East Bay since 1987. With a focus on drought-tolerant and low water plants, the Dry Garden has an impressive collection of bamboos, succulents, carnivorous plants, dish gardens, air plants, landscaping plants, and, of course, cacti. Whether you’re looking for small, decorative Mammillarias to sit on your desk; prickly pears to grow for food; or a 6-foot Cereus to discourage visitors, the Dry Garden has what you need. And best of all, the cacti won’t be angry if you forget to water them for a month or two. Richard Ward, the owner of the Dry Garden, is available to discuss plant care and cultivation, and the many advantages of low-water landscaping. Prices for cacti are very reasonable and, given the increasing unpredictability of the weather, dry gardening is looking more and more like a smart choice.


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