.Momentum Gathers Against Internet Snooping Bill, HR 1981

In case you haven’t heard, another bill threatening Internet freedom is wending its way through the House. Deceptively titled the “Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011,” the bill was written by — surprise — SOPA lead sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), and opponents are calling it much worse than that bill. While the bulk of the language addresses Internet child pornography, there’s this troublesome graph:

(1) A commercial provider of an electronic communication service shall retain for a period of at least one year a log of the temporarily assigned network addresses the provider assigns to a subscriber to or customer of such service that enables the identification of the corresponding customer or subscriber information under subsection (c)(2) of this section.

In other words, Internet service providers would be required to collect and store their users’ data, regardless of whether they broke any laws. Now, SOPA opponents (ACLU, EFF, Demand Progress, and other groups) are gathering support to stop HR 1981, and have so far sent some 90,000 emails to members of Congress. Read more about the bill and sign a letter of opposition here.


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