Marijuana Elections Across America Today: Washington, DC; Alaska; Oregon; Maine and More

Voters in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, DC will decide today whether to legalize marijuana and the contests promise to be nail-biters.

Cannabis law reform activists are facing serious headwinds in the off-year election, with older, whiter, more conservative voters more likely to turn out, while young, diverse, more progressive voters tune out.

Washington DC is most likely to legalize, polls indicate. Voters in the district favor legalization by 65 percent.

is next most likely to notch a weed win today. Polls put the voter initiative neck and neck. 

Alaska is trailing third in the running to legalize, though voter sentiment is notoriously difficult to pin down in the remote state.

Florida votes on medical marijuana today, but the initiative needs a super-majority to pass. Up to 80 percent of Floridians are reported to support medical marijuana, but polls have been wildly volatile in the large southern state. Anti-medical marijuana forces have spent tens of millions to tar the campaign, while the yes on medical marijuana camp has repeatedly stumbled in its messaging to voters.

Dozens of cities and towns in Colorado and Washington will also vote today to allow — or ban — adult-use cannabis stores, and other businesses.

And in California, more than a dozen jurisdictions are holding voter referendums on medical cannabis dispensaries and cultivation. California is expected to have near-record low voter turnout today.

Some small towns in Maine may also legalize pot today.

Stay tuned to Legalization Nation for breaking news on races as soon as we can call them, and a big smoke-clearing, national analysis in print mid-November.  

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