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For the week of October 5-11, 2011.

Listen closely and you’ll hear the planets chanting: “All relationships, all the time.” Listen even more closely and you’ll hear yourself or those you love groaning from the intensity of non-stop interactions, many of which require a Zen-like devotion to staying in the moment. And this relationship cycle isn’t only about romantic liaisons. Associations of every ilk are at center stage, and because relationships are one of the most, if not the most important areas of life, more than a few of us are exhausted from the rigors of conscious relating — even those who already know how much work it takes to integrate awareness and compassion into action. There will also be plenty of unconscious interactions to challenge body, mind, heart, and soul, but as we know from experience, most situations can be transformed by the willingness to grow.

The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Venus are still in Libra. The Sun has finally moved out of range of Uranus and Pluto, those two dynamic agents of change that stoked the need to break free from any and all confining relationships, personal or collective. But that doesn’t mean we are free from thinking about all our relations. The Sun moves right into a conjunction with Mercury and Saturn, also in Libra. This is a powerful planetary combination that is likely to stir a serious and sober review of recent relationship developments. While that review may reveal more than a few regrets, as you contemplate your recent choices, remember to include the power of Uranus to catalyze stagnation, and then ask yourself if part of your regret is simply the longing for a previous comfort zone.

As you continue to contemplate your partnership patterns, be sure to remember that this includes all of your relations, not just amorous ones.

While I was writing this, a friend sent me a video that’s been circulating for quite some time about a reunion of two elephants at a rescue sanctuary in Tennessee. It’s a story of love and friendship — non-verbal, at least to the human mind, and enduring over time and space. One of them was brought to the circus as a little baby, and looked after by another older elephant. They were separated, only to find each other twenty years later, both finally rescued from the vicissitudes of circus life. I was reduced to tears several times. First, by the idea of separating a young baby from her mother, and next, when the trainer speaks of freeing the younger elephant from her chains for the last time. Again, when the two elephants meet and bend the gates from the sheer glee of finding each other. Finally, from the pathos of the entire situation — that too few humans are able to acknowledge how deeply connected all of us are to each other and to every living being on the planet.

This week, as the planets point to relationship, try to remember that we are always in relationship to everyone and everything, regardless of species, gender, religious belief, age, color, or any of the other ways we pretend to be alone.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Patience is not your strong suit, but if you can figure out how to integrate a patient attitude into your transformational toolkit, you’ll make tangible progress toward your goals, both spiritual and material.

TAURUS Rather than carry the entire workload, learn how to delegate responsibility. You won’t be able to take all the credit, but you will be able to maintain your mental health.

GEMINI There’s no need to waste precious time and energy resisting the urge to fall truly, madly, and deeply for everyone you meet. Instead, open up to this open-heartedness and see what it is trying to teach you.

CANCER Some might say that your primary relationship is with your home — and I would be one of them. So don’t hesitate to spend as much time as you need puttering around the house or getting cozy under the covers.

LEO Hold forth on every subject and don’t worry about dominating the conversation. Just say it — or roar it — loud and proud, and encourage others to do the same.

VIRGO Money may mean the world to you right now, but the important thing to remember about money is that when we depart from this world, we’re leaving it behind. The only thing we take with us is love.

LIBRA Lose yourself in romantic daydreams and fall in love with love. Just remember: Your capacity to love is not dependent on someone loving you. It’s the deepest expression of your soul.

SCORPIO Give yourself permission to fall in love with the mystery of the human psyche, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a love affair that will never grow dull or boring.

SAGITTARIUS It’s not that you will fall in love with everyone you meet — you’re already in love with everyone. So rejoice in the wide variety of your interactions and experience the bliss of interrelatedness.

CAPRICORN There’s no need to deny that the love of your life is your work — everyone who already cares about you knows that. Acknowledge that truth to yourself, and you’ll be free to embrace friends and family guilt-free.

AQUARIUS You’re searching for the elixir of longevity, and I’m glad you are, because the one thing I am certain of is that when you find it you will share it with all of us. Thank you.

PISCES Anticipate being aroused by everyone, especially people that are just out of reach. To avoid becoming addicted to the unattainable, consider what makes inaccessible people so attractive.


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