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This week, we review Hot Record Société, Scott Alexander, and Part Time.

Hot Record Société, Vol. 2: On a Trip for Biscuits. Jazz is an undeniable influence in the underground hip-hop scene, and the new two-cassette, 42-track compilation Vol. 2: On a Trip for Biscuits is no exception. Produced by local collective Hot Record Société, the compilation is less jarring than other releases in the genre: It offers mostly soulful, spaced-out instrumentals using keyboards, percussion, and swing rhythms. A few tracks break the ambient vibe: “Sprint Chapter One” by Mr. Troy comes on strong, backed by a hi-hat beat, and “w a t c h o u t” by the moon goddess features a maniacally chopped and looped sample that sounds like a Civil Rights-era speech. (Hot Record Société)

Scott Alexander, Scott Alexander Gets Distracted. Singer-songwriter Scott Alexander should have named his latest EP Scott Alexander Talks to Himself. Accompanied by simple folk melodies, he agonizes over checking his email for the “thirteenth time in an hour,” ponders his sobriety, and watches “bad TV.” The least personal track, “Pianoforte,” is also the most interesting, with bluesy guitar and urgent harmonies lending it a serious tone. While mostly inane, Scott Alexander Gets Distracted hits the mark for quirky coffeehouse music. (Yomyamyeemyaz Productions)

Part Time, PDA. The project of San Francisco musician David Speck, Part Time covers Eighties pop tropes on its sophomore album, PDA: romantic longing, breathy vocals, Casio keyboards, drum machines, and emotive guitar. But breaking through the nostalgic haze is a hint that Speck wants to make more than soft rock. His most memorable tracks are also the weirdest: “Living in the U.S.A.” features deadpan vocals and gritty guitar riffs, and the psychedelic spaz-jam “Funny Moods” pairs a waltzing melody with silly cartoon sounds. (Mexican Summer)

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