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This week we review The Plastic Arts, Common Human Traits, Planet Booty, and Sake-1.

The Plastic Arts, Academy Clonez

Sparseness is a principle in Kyle M. Terrizzi’s music. The singer-songwriter makes music that has the lonely, airy quality of a guy strumming his guitar in a stairwell. His melodies are folksy, his lyrics plainspoken, his voice a soft, murmuring lilt that often smears words together. His love ballad “Crooked Books” is particularly beautiful. (self-released)

At Bazaar Café (5927 California St., San Francisco), on Saturday, Feb. 18. 7 p.m., free.

Common Human Traits, Some Songs to Evolve By

Even by garage-band standards, Common Human Traits is pretty bizarre, with its ever-shifting song structures, abstract rhythms, and foul-mouthed singer. The band avoids traditional verses and choruses, often opting for a long, rambling intro like on “Financial Aid.” Common Human Traits seems to reside most comfortably in punk, but it might also qualify as a jam band. (self-released)

Planet Booty, Success EP

Planet Booty is about the most faithful homage to Seventies disco that exists in the Bay Area: Each song is a tight, forward-moving dance track with syncopated rhythm and a rubber-band bass. And the lyrics follow suit: Set your fashion free, sings lead vocalist Dylan Charles Germick on a song about looking fabulous. (self-released)

At Cafe Cocomo (650 Indiana St., San Francisco) on Friday, Mar. 2. 9 p.m., $12.

DJ Sake-1 & Black Scale, White Is the Lightest Shade of Black Mixtape, Winter 2012

True to form, Sake-1’s new winter soundtrack is structured as one long mix — meaning the songs bleed into each other just the way they would in a club, with the beats always lining up perfectly. In this instance Sake opts for a light, bouncy, up-tempo feel, which seems a little jarring on normally sluggish songs like Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.” But it’s appropriate for a dance mix. (self-released)

At SomaR Bar (1727 Telegraph Ave., Oakland) on Tuesdays. 9 p.m., free.

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