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This week, we review Enzyme Dynamite, Tone 7, Identical Homes, and Felsen.

Enzyme Dynamite, The Sultan of Slap Presents: Enzyme Dynamite in Stereovision

Professional and competent, if a little fratty in lyrical tone, this blend of electronica and actual instruments would be at home on dance floors anywhere in the world. Charming in spite of itself, unexpectedly funny in places, and easily accessible to audiences that would be put off by more underground beats, this album should do well. (Frathouse Muzik Group)

Tone 7, Tonality

Smooth, radio-ready soul with a jazzy inflection predominates on this impressive collaboration of seasoned performers. With a guitarist who’s opened for Bob Marley, and a former child star on vocals, Tone 7 is stocked with old pros, and it shows. Lyrics reflect plenty of life experience, instrumentation is spot on — this band sounds like it’s been around forever. (Blackdot Records)

Identical Homes, Machine Made Moods

If you like your electronic music with some warmth and emotional depth, this is the album for you. Post-rock and electronic sounds blend seamlessly, vocals are soft and breathy, and the whole thing is supported by pretty guitar work. Gentle, wistful, airy, and clever, this is a gorgeous effort. (500 Records)

Felsen, First Impressions

There’s some marvelously witty pop on Accidental Drowning. Songs like “Lay Kenneth Lay,” “Self Medicate,” and the country-tinged “Hooked on Heroin” are subtle little wonders, sardonic without bitterness. At times Felsen is pure pop, at others almost folksy, with a bit of classic Elvis Costello occasionally creeping in. How many bands could write a song about sporks? (Opus Music Ventures)


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