Letters for the week of December 29, 2004-January 4, 2005

The common themes of gay marriage, George Bush, and the words of God unite our special year-end collection of the year's most memorable letters.

Editor’s note
For our Year in Review issue, we’ve compiled some of the more memorable letters, phone calls, and press releases we received during the past year. In the interest of verisimilitude, all spelling, punctuation, and grammar are the writers’ own.

Corrupt politicians
Arnold Schwartzenegger is a mixed-race negro who was born in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa. His first language was Swahili and his IQ is 67. His wife is a transgender female, who was born a man and has had the sex-change operation. Arnold is a homosexual. Gavin Newsome is a transgender lesbian who is dependent on testorone injections provided to him by Georgia doctors, who are based at Marin General Hospital, a hospital that now kills non-Georgia patients. Gavin takes his testorone each afternoon at 4PM, with his wife in attendance. Kimberly Guilfolye Newsome is a genetic male, who has a large supply of estogen tablets in her car, in her office, in her hall closet, and buried in 3 different locations in Hayward, California.

a citizen, [email protected]

Corrupt politicians 2
The Newsomes, like the Schwartzeneggers, are guilty of heinous crimes, including murders. The Schwartzeneggers have killed in Africa, L.A., and Sacramento, where school children have been lured into Mrs. Schwartzenegger’s car and strangled by herself, her husband and Rock Hudson, who is a frequent visitor to the governor’s house 3 miles north of Sacramento. (Rock faked his own death in 1985; he is still alive; he is the worst mass murderer in history; he lives in an underground bunker near the National Guard armory in El Centro, California. Mayor Newsome has attempted to butcher the Bay by pouring pollutants into it and has ordered all dairy farms in northern California killed. Georgia-born policemen in Marin County have machine-gunned all the cows at dairy farms in the Lucas Valley and in San Geronimo local politicians told him where they were, despite the fact that they knew he was a Michigan-born freak.
a citizen, any town, [email protected]

Corrupt politicians 3
The U.S. government consists of murderers. Every one of the Senate and almost all of Congress has murdered their wives and children and married transsexual females. A transsexual female is a homosexual male who has had the sex-change operation (castration) and who takes estrogen (female hormones). One of the worst people in Washington is Senator Ted Kennedy. He has murdered his ex-wife Joan and all of his children with a baseball bat in front of other senators and congressmen and then gloated with them that “we are tough and mean.” Ted has also married a Navy homosexual who was urged to have the sex-change operation by its parents because, frequently, that operation leads to suicide. … All of the Bay Area’s congresswomen are gay men in women’s clothes.
a citizen, Berkeley, [email protected]

A better world for our prechious childrens
I reprisent the Traditional Values Coalition and i am Simply outraged by all this marrying of people to people, to dogs, to trees, and to white women. Where will this messageination stop its creep? We must make this a better world for our prechious childrens and stop them being gays. I myself am not a gay.

PS: i already done typed it up there
cookie monster.

Enhance lingual diversity
Surely the day shall come when wordsmiths will have fashioned words for the exclusive use of lesbi-gays. Below you will find the appropriate pronouns that want to take their own places in their lexicon

When Harry and Gary Marry,

When Sandy Weds Candy

As in rhythm and rhyme

Let’s accept the gross, the sublime

Pronouns benign or asinine

For each we can design.

With he or she, we dream up xe or xhe

Likewise, with him ‘n her, form xim ‘n xer.

Along with his and hers, let’s read xis and xers

Or xey for they, why not xem for them?

Like notes for a song,

Can’t these terms belong?

Let’s write ze and zhe fashioned from he and she

Akin to him ‘n her, say zim ‘n zer.

Let’s sing zis or zers with his and hers

Or zey with they, why not zem with them?

Surely, these are lyrics to be sung,

with ballads to be sprung?

Yeah, let zeir blooms shoot out

xeir lexicon to shout

Like prose dancing with poetry

Enhance lingual diversity.
Lionel Tierra, wordsmith

Warning for America
Inserted is from the Holy Bible Jeremiah Chapter 26

1. In the beginning of the reign of Jehoiakim, son of Josiah, king of Judah, this message came from the LORD:

2. Thus says the LORD: Stand in the court of the house of the LORD and speak to the people of all the cities of Judah who come to worship in the house of the LORD; whatever I command you, tell them, and omit nothing.

3. Perhaps they will listen and turn back, each from his evil way; so that I may repent of the evil I have planned to inflict upon them for their evil deeds.

4. Say to them: Thus says the LORD: If you disobey me, not living according to the law I placed before you

5. and not listening to the words of my servants the prophets, whom I send you constantly though you do not obey them,

6. I will treat this house like Shiloh, and make this the city which all the nations of the earth shall refer to when cursing another.

George Washington had a vision. … He tells us of the Evil that God has planned for The United States of America. We have had the first peril (9-11). The second is soon to happen. The third will be the worst of all. People take heed! God means to punish America if we do not turn back to Him. Look at all the evil in America. Abortion, embryonic stem cell research, Human Cloning, Homosexual activity, now Homosexual Marriage (this event got Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed), Artificial Birth Control (study how this works; If the ripened egg says in the ovary, it continues to rot. Cancer follows and the woman dies. If the egg is released and conception happens, it becomes an abortifacient, and the baby dies.) When a pregnancy is interrupted, Breast cancer could follow, Depression, abuse of women, all of these destroys the family. All of these are a result of Abortion and Artificial Birth Control, which includes sterilization. Study the ramifications of this procedure! People, you can deny God all you want, but He does exist. We need to turn our heart back to God if we want to live.
Ann Marie Jones, Manteca

His Holiness Rael asks San Francisco mayor to create an independent gay state
His Holiness RAEL founder and leader of the Raelian Movement sent a letter of support to Gavin Newsom, mayor of San Francisco where same sex marriages are performed, asking him to create an independent gay state, seceding from the United States, that would welcome persecuted gays and lesbians from all over the world like Israel is doing with world Jews.

He also suggested the idea of creating a Gay and Lesbian University, promoting respect and tolerance for future generations.

His Holiness added: “many gay people are artists, highly educated and wealthy, and an independent gay state will see a huge inflow of capital, geniuses and art, and will thus become a very wealthy state, in addition to providing a safe haven for millions of people fleeing anti-gay persecutions.”

For interviews with His Holiness Rael please contact our Public Relations Department.

Linda Ronstadt named “Honorary Priest” for supporting Michael Moore
After her politically incorrect dedication to Michael Moore in her show at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas, His Holiness Rael has named Linda Ronstadt an honorary Priest (also called “Guide”) of the Raelian Religion. This title has been bestowed on a select few public figures — namely Madonna, Sinead O’Connor, George Michael, Michael Moore and Ramsey Clark.

Ricky Lee Roehr, head of the US Raelian Movement comments: “People like these wake up society to the truth. If you notice, only 25 percent of the audience walked out of Ms. Ronstadt`s show. This means 75 percent either agreed with her or sympathizes with her comment! Do we think that the Aladdin hotel would cancel her contract if she would have said “God bless America”?

The public figures given this honorary title are those who point out the lies of those claiming to “protect us”, their hypocrisies and insane fascination with violence. Violence is never a solution.

For interview requests, please call our press office.

Call to require brain scans for all elected officials
To all running for public office, show us your brain scan!

Given the irrational way George Bush and many other politicians react to situations, it is more than ever necessary to require all/elected officials to undergo mental competency tests. Speaking on behalf of His Holiness Rael (Rael.org), Dr Marcus Wenner — a Neurobiologist who worked at the National Institute of Neuroscience and specialized in MRI scans states: “Mental and emotional balance is the least we should expect from the people running for public office. It’s not a matter of party or politics. It’s a matter of raising the criteria by which any person would be allowed to run for office.” A simple brain scan can indicate the level of damage or functionality at a glance. Psychopathic tendencies, impaired judgment, emotional imbalance, brain damage, Alzheimer’s, drug or alcohol abuse, inability to handle stress, all the things one definitely does not want for our leaders, all these can be accurately detected. Even more scrutiny should be applied to all who run for a public office. These people should be required to prove they are mentally and emotionally competent. Only the best brains should be allowed to rule a country!

For all interview requests, please contact our press office.

Meet the Antichrist
The antichrist will come from America. Rev. 13:1-2 … Antichrist will come after 10 post-war US presidents. Dan 7:24 … Antichrist will come into power after his father, who will attack Iraq and have four sons, who grow in stature. Dan 8:1-17 … Antichrist will establish power in the South, then to the East, then finally to the Middle East. Dan 8:8-9 … Antichrist replaces a leader that is neither voted out nor overthrown in war. Dan 11: 20 … Antichrist is a son of Perdition, Nephilum, or possessed by Satan himself. Rev 17:11 … Antichrist is a false Christ. Matt 24: 24 … Antichrist is arrogant. Dan 7:8 … Antichrist will be advised by a false profit, which persuades people to deify and worship the antichrist. Rev. 13: 11-14 … Antichrist represents Satan Rev 13: 2 … Antichrist will perform miracles, including making fire fall from the sky. Rev. 13: 11-14 … Antichrist rejects Jesus Christ’s manifestation and victory in the flesh John 4:3 … The antichrist and his followers will be unrepentant idolaters, even after the plagues and woes start. … Rev. 16:9 Antichrist comes during peacetime, without warning Dan 11: 21 … Antichrist put in power by a small number of people. Dan 11:23 … Antichrist is then given global power and authority Rev 13:7 … Antichrist will persecute Christians for 3 & 1/2 years Dan 7:25 … Antichrist will kill the two witnesses after their 3 and 1/2 year ministry is finished. Rev. 11:7 … Antichrist will deceive all people, even the church, except God’s elect few Dan 8:24 … Antichrist will reward all those who follow and support him Dan 11:49 … Antichrist compels all to be identified or numbered on their hands and foreheads, but some refuse. Rev.13:16 … Antichrist Imposes a fascist government Dan. 8:23, 25 Dan 8:23 … Antichrist asserts global military supremacy Rev. 13: 7-8
Mike Ike

The overthrow of the American republic
The article below has clear evidence about who is really responsible for 911 and why. You will probably be shocked. I wasn’t since I’ve know since day one who was really responsible for 911 and why. … WE ARE THE REAL TARGET, NOT IRAQ.

Part 56: Bush-Kerry Scandal May Trigger “Military Coup” and “Overthrow of the U.S. Government” by Sherman H. Skolnick …

There was a joint pact and plot, in which George W. Bush and John F. Kerry participated. That this was done under the auspices of the super-secret satanic cult, operating under code number “322”, the Skull & Bones Society, of which Bush and Kerry are members. Kerry, as the older member, initiated Bush into the cult using their traditional cavorting, au naturel, in a windowless building on the Yale University campus, called “The Tomb”, while both were in a large size casket filled with mud.

Among the matters contained in the so far embargoed story, are the following:

[1] As supervised by Daddy Bush, George W. Bush was instructed to follow orders and “to stay out of it” that is, to defer action as Commander-in-Chief. …

[2] The scheme, like the pre-knowledge of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, was to disregard the resultant bloodshed of Americans, since it was for a profound purpose. … Among the purposes … was to galvanize common Americans into action to supposedly fight back the encroachment on the U.S. of “Arabs.” …

[4] … A renegade member of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad, was to assist the plan. Nicholas Berg was groomed as a “penetration agent”, although purportedly a Jew, to pretend to be sympathetic to Saudi Arabs in particular. …

[5] A sort of “spark-plug” for this work was Mohammed Atta, purportedly a “ring-leader” befriended by Nicholas Berg. Atta was financed in part by large sums funneled by Daddy Bush and others via ISI, the Pakistan Secret Political Police, originally set up by Daddy Bush.

[6] On behalf of Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, and John F. Kerry, penetration agent Berg purchased an airplane ticket in the name of Atta, by way of setting up Atta and other Arabs for the “legend”, the spy trick, as patsies.

[7] The ticket was purchased through Oklahoma with the ostensible assistance of a former Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, former U.S. Senator David L. Boren. Boren was a graduate of Yale University and reportedly like Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, and John F. Kerry, is a member of the super-secret Skull & Bones Society. … Boren is a close associate of George J. Tenet … Tenet’s CIA helped obstruct FBI agents in Minneapolis who sought in August, 2001, to examine the computer of Zacarias Moussaoui, later accused with the purported Arabs of planning 9-11 tragedies. Moussaoui is reportedly actually a U.S. Government espionage operative. … He was not only an associate of Nicholas Berg, who allowed him to use his computer with its password, but Moussaoui was also an associate of the co-pilot who later was on the fatal flight by which Minnesota U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone was assassinated, October, 2002 by a sabotaged plane crash (he was expected to be re-elected and Wellstone was considered Anti-CIA).

[10] Unanswered questions: Is the person known as Nicholas Berg really dead? If so, was he murdered, not by Arabs, but by a special assassins’ team arranged by Daddy Bush to attempt to cover up the foregoing? … Other than a devastating profound scandal, WHAT will rescue the Bill of Rights and the U.S. Constitution from its current condition as having been cancelled because of false tales that “the Arabs” attacked us on September 11, 2001?Only fools and those who hate this previously blessed Land, can stay silent in the face of treachery.

More coming. Stay tuned.
The McKennon Family

God salutes you
Free for the Families that have lost a Loved One Overseas.

Introducing letters “Direct from God” honoring our troops and their families.

Direct from God is a subsidiary of Chelsea’s Hope. Upon request, we will send a personalized letter “Direct from God”, free of charge, to the parents or spouse who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. To view this letter, please visit our Web site DirectFromGod.com

We also offer letters “Direct from God” that can be purchased and sent to the people in our Armed Forces, the parents, spouses, and even a special children’s version. Beautifully printed on a choice of designer papers, these letters are inspirational, touching, and a moral booster for both the sender and the recipient. All the letters are personalized. Some of your options are:

* Choice of Paper

* To have a personal message of your own incorporated. (Military only)

* To have it sent to you or sent directly to the recipient.

Letters “Direct from God” is a special way of showing your support, and will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. The cost is just $4.95, plus $1.50 for shipping.

An excerpt from a letter to a member of the Military begins as follows …

A Personal Message to Pvt. Matthew Chapman

From God

Dear Matt,

“I wanted to write to you personally to tell you how very proud of you I am. You are one of the finest young men of your time or any other time…………”

It goes on from there giving one of the most inspirational messages you’ll ever read. And you can even request that a personal message to a member of the Military be incorporated. Example: Your dog Luke is keeping your bed warm…

The letter ends with … “Your country’s motto is ‘In God We Trust,’ I trust in you.”

Pvt. Matthew Chapman I salute you,

Linda Pearl, Chelsea’s Hope, Bloomingdale, Illinois

I prove that I am God
Hello — I am the Son of God and reincarnate. The restaurant Bennigans (Been Again) and Sesame Street (See Same) indicate reincarnation. Words like Kennedy (Can I die) will make sense once you read my link fully … http://www.geocities.com/cdbowman1 .,. Check this out, when I die, it’s a funeral (Funny Are All) and they put me in a coffin (See Often). Read the whole thing and you will see that I am the Master. Forward this to everyone in your address book and you will be blessed. You will learn that all jewelry is actually bondage equipment … set up by me, the Master … necklaces, ties, collars on shirts even.
Charles Bowman

Fan mail

You sorry desperate pathetic little loser
Chris, you sorry desperate pathetic little loser. Working for peanuts for a piece of shit little newspaper doing your poor man’s version of Page Six. First of all, try to figure out what the fuck you’re writing about before you write about it. … Second, stop trying to be a fucking psychic. If you had any power to read other people’s thoughts — or an original one of your own — you’d be at Bay Meadows throwing down Benjamins instead of sitting in your lonely little room hunched over a keyboard. It’s not the public’s fault … that you are a nobody and have no talent. Everytime you write about a “name” you give away the fact that you are angry, bitter and suffering from a massive inferiority complex (with good reason, I might add). Third, I do want to thank you for your stupidity. It’s quite entertaining to everyone in my PR firm. I read your piece (of shit) to some of my colleagues who used to be journalists. We all think your little tales are quite hilarious.

But see someone about that anger problem, won’t you?

We are not angery
first off fuck you this letter is in responce to the little miss murder articule on the jenna simmons murder. i was friends of both the thing that pisses me off about the artical is the fact that your wrighter said and i quote “Jenna and Mike ran with a crowd of angry, disaffected Livermore kids.” we are not angery kids I for one am the reason the police knew that the shotgun that was used was stolen by katie. so you can all get your facts strate or fuck off!

perry apker

You people suck
You people suck! Your past 25 years of the East Bay is horrible. How you can make the East Bay look that boring is beyond me. Fuck off!!!

Sean Currey

Valuable commercial offers

Spread the word
I’d like to make people aware of the importance of personal hygiene and how we need to pay more attention to body parts other than our hands, face and hair. Our back sides are a part of our body that often requires the most attention. Here’s an example. If you were to place your hand in a pile of waste, would you clean your hand by simply wiping it with a dry cloth? I wouldn’t. I’d use water, soap and a wash cloth to make sure it was clean. This is why we as Americans need to realize that it takes more than just toilet paper to make certain we’re as clean as possible. Basically, there are only two ways to ensure cleanliness. One is to take a shower after every poop, and the other is to use a personal cleansing cloth. Some products on the market include The Final Wipe, Wet Ones, Cottonelle, etc. The Final Wipe is an individually wrapped, hypo-allergenic, flushable, and 100% biodegradable cleansing cloth. Visit them online at www.finalwipe.com and help spread the word.

Protect shoes before using
Having a dinner party? Don’t leave your pet out! Let your pet’s palate celebrate with Halo. … The gour-mutt seasoning is 100 percent natural and USDA approved for a delicious nutritious treat on a daily meal. Open adorable condiment container, shake, spoon, or pour vigorously over pet’s food, and shuffle out of the way as your dog dives or cat-a-pults into the bowl. WARNING: spilling Dinner Party on shoes could cause severe damage to shoes due to overly excited pets! Stimulates digestion and provides an extra healthy source of protein. Two great flavors: Chicken & Herbs and Beef & Herbs.
Gelie Akhenblit, account executive, Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC

Best spam and fraud hosting
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Sending this letter will bring you luck


send this letter to newspapers, radios please:

(Because I am only 1 worker on projects)

Make safety sone-distance to dangerobjects/dangeous agression

(or both to get max safety

Avoid war: never be angrrrry,(its always ingredient in warfare) and sure not friendly

In the irrational hate,mr revenge plays a key role


This feeling-mess people take serious + it makes eternal global detours …

Hate creates a limited world and lets fantasi and random def

of old incidents

of old incidents

again & again used to rule. (heartless)

again & again used to rule. (heartless)

So that hate therebye also creates insanety is no surprise.(brain)

next time the law system & karma & always keep safety

distance to guns

distance to guns

Get red of the hate on your human “PC” www.silva

Get red of the hate on your human “PC” www.silva

important ufo job 2000-9999

Help people to get less looser creating judging

Think global !progression!given of our 2xsun planet friends!

Hate is a childish “virus”. aggression\treat is illegal

Avoid war: never be angry,envy,blame hate revenge etc

In the irrational hate,mr revenge plays a key role …

Sending this letter will bring you luck

Sending this letter will bring you luck

next time the law system & karma & always keep safety zone

to guns

!fix the human “PC” www.silva and the alfabet system

(negative thinking makes more minus in your account)

(negative thinking makes more minus in your account)

christmas celebrates with coffe cake chips coca cola cream

cake crack cigarettes can cause cancer


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