Letters – February 5

Anger at OUSD, Feature, Feb. 5

Education Policy, Race,
and the Sad State of
the Oakland Schools

Thanks for the article. I think it was fairly balanced. Great effort to limit all the gaslighting. Facts are facts, not created narratives.
My only sadness about this article is getting a AA female leader name incorrect. LaKisha Young. The Oakland REACH. Her team is a force to reckon with. And where were the voices and faces of the families of Sankofa! Let’s do better about erasing and all the inconscious bias anti-Black energy that doesn’t even provide space for Black families! We’re On Our Own! #newnarratives Black Minds Matter!


The recall is an act of fiscal irresponsibility. We need to close schools in order to survive as a city school district. I urge you not to sign the specific petition!

ed gerber

This is not about white hills parents fighting school closures. Read the article. Kaiser was a mix of students from across the district and a mix of racial backgrounds. Those 5 school board members who made the difficult decision to close it and relocate to Sankofa, made the right call. Sure, the parents of kids at Kaiser who love the Kaiser hills school, are upset. Sankofa has been, according to all accounts, underperforming and a school that “ambitious” parents avoid. Hope that the new principal transferring from Kaiser can change that. But change is hard. Kudos to those brave school board members. They are getting paid peanuts to be shouted at and insulted by an angry Oakland mob (not unlike city council meetings.) I am glad Superindentant Johnson has the courage to stand up to the mob-complainers, and I hope she stays. Too many charter schools IS a problem, but that was a bad decision by the voters 20 years ago (prop. 39.) Blaming OUSD school board is NOT the answer. Thank you Jody London for your service.


While it is true that Jody London was at first the only Board vote against new charter schools she has in recent years made exceptions such as the City Mayor’s favorite charter school management organization “Lighthouse Community Public School.” Word “public” is intended to fool people by defining public as public funded and hide that its the schools it is managing our privately managed.

Point is that Jody London did vote Lodestar connected to the Mayor and the Rogers family wealth. So much for a politician not putting her promise to not to increase charters ahead of influence of the Mayor and the Rogers family connection.

Jim Mordecai

I have been baffled for years by school funding mechanisms in California, but the only way to make sure our public schools receive the funding and support they need is to make charters and private schools illegal. At the very least, the profit motive needs to be removed from the system.


White hills parents on the attack! Reality is, they do not send their kids to OUSD past 6th grade, unless they are in the coveted K-8 schools which is why the Kaiser Elementary closure struck their white guilt chords!


This has nothing to do with white parents.

OUSD will remain financially destroyed until they close a large number of schools. The people fighting this want their kids to go to large schools with a small student body and get lots of attention. I don’t blame them, but it’s why OUSD is bankrupt. We have a much smaller number of students than we did, and need to close schools.

Ernest Montague


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