.Corrections for the Week of Feb. 19, 2020

Our Feb. 12 story “March Ballot Measures Primarily Intended to Benefit Children in East Bay” contained several errors regarding the three school-related tax measures on the March ballot. Measure E would enact a 12.4-cent-per-square-foot on building improvements (and a $25 annual levy on unimproved parcels). Ninety-five percent of the estimated $9.5 million to be raised in new revenue over 12 years would go toward educators’ salaries. Measure G is a 10-year, $380 million school bond for completion of projects at Berkeley school facilities. Lastly, Measure H, the “Facilities Safety and Maintenance Act” would extend an existing special parcel tax. Berkeley voters are being asked to approve the maintenance tax of 9.1-cents-per-square-foot on improvements. It is estimated that the parcel tax would generate $7.3 million over the next decade, if approved.


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