Letters: Dec. 18 – Jan 1

Alameda County Approves $85 Million Sale of Coliseum Site to A’s, Seven Days, Jan. 1

Real Raiders Fans Will Never Be Niners Fans

Your headline comment that since the Oakland Raiders no longer exist, we are all 49er fans illustrates your profound misunderstanding and ignorance of the mentality of Raider fans. “Real” Raider fans will NEVER be 49er fans. Raider fans may watch the 49ers, but many, including myself, more often than not are rooting for their opponent whoever that is. For the last 50 years my fall Sundays were focused on the Raiders winning and hoping for a 49ers loss. That does not change when the Raiders go to Vegas. After 20 years of losing coupled with perhaps the most pathetic and disrespectful owner of all time (Marc Davis), the move to Vegas does not affect me at all. I terminated my emotional attachment when the Raiders went to LA in the mid 80’s. I am not one of these sad jump on the bandwagon Raider fans who think it all started in 1995. I went to my first Raider game at Frank Youell filed in the early 60’s. So I make these statements as an OG Raider fan who has seen it all from the beginning. At this point they cannot leave town fast enough for me. I understand the business of football, but the total lack of respect and disdain by the organization, especially Davis, for perhaps the best fans in sports is not acceptable. Good luck and get out of town now!


Oakland and its fans have been suckered by the Traitors twice. I hope Oaktown doesn’t show a lack of ability to learn and cozy up to the most mercenary corporation in the NFL again.
“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me a third time, I must be brain-dead.”

James Castro

Wait, Rebecca Kaplan is suggesting that the city FORCE someone to sell their property to two homeless mothers? IT’s time for Rebecca Kaplan to take a hike.

Chester Henry III

A Folk Opera That Gives the Devil His Due, Music, Dec. 4

An Awesome Experience

Sam came to the east (North Carolina) a few years ago and I did the sound production for him at one of his shows. I recorded off the board that night and have nearly worn that recording out. I envy those of you who’ll get the chance to see him at the Fillmore. I just purchased this album and based on what I’ve heard you should have an awesome experience!

Whiskey Alibi

Kaplan Wants Clarification on Who Can
Investigate Police Commission, Seven Days, Dec. 18

The Right to Be Criminal?

Here is a news report of what commissioner Harris did. It seems she thinks she has the right to take criminal action, just like the criminals she helps:

Harris tried to pick up her son at about 3:40 p.m. and became upset when told she would have to wait until school let out at 4 p.m. The school has a policy of no pickups in the final half hour of the school day to account for the students. “We ask families to call 24 hours in advance” if a student needs to leave early, said school Executive Director Kristine MacDonald. “If there is an emergency, we can always bring the student down.” When Harris was told to come back at 4 p.m., she jammed the door open with her foot and made her way into the school. When MacDonald tried to explain the policy, Harris got within a couple of inches of MacDonald’s face and called her a “devil” and a “slave owner.” Harris then yelled and began banging on the glass within the lobby with her fists. Someone called 911, and a half-dozen officers converged on the public charter school.

Charlie Pine

Oakland City Administrator to Step Down, Seven Days, Dec. 25

Council Meetings Not Safe

Landreth was doing a decent job. When the city council and police stood by as an Oakland employee was attacked at a city council meeting, it became apparent that Oakland has completed its descent from civil government to apparatchik driven anarchy. I don’t go to city council meetings anymore. I don’t feel safe there.

Ernest Montague

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