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Conflicted Interests

Her conflicts have been a fact for many years (NAACP Leader Resigns, News, Nov. 25). Her Board, and local NAACP leaders in California, turned a blind eye, or failed in their duty to oversee what she was up to. It’s really a shocking revelation to those outside the inner circles of California’s NAACP. If only she could be forced to disgorge the profits she made, opposing the best interests of the people she pledged to serve.

Sherrie Smith


Yes, we have criminals in the society, but certainly no thugs (Dog Whistles No More, Editor’s Note, Nov. 25)!

Ernest Montague

Address, Please!

Your reviews are wonderful but please, please post the address of the restaurant you are reviewing at the end of the review (Cafe Ohlone, Restaurant Review, Nov. 25).

Tom Nigman


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music in the park san jose