Gifts for Pets

The best gifts for your furry friends this season.

For many of us, pets are an extension of ourselves, so we pamper them every chance we get. However, in the midst of gift-wrapping and feeding our inner glutton during the holiday season, we may end up unknowingly neglecting our most loyal companions. This holiday season, indulge your pets with affordable and eco-friendly gifts. Here are our top picks:

OFF/ON Squeaker

Does the squeaky toy you bought for your dog drive you up the wall? Thankfully, KONG, a Colorado-based toy company for dogs and cats, has a solution: the OFF/ON Squeaker, which comes with a switch to turn off the squeaking sound, so your dog can play quietly. It’s made of nonabrasive tennis-ball material, which will protect your dog’s dental health, and is available in various colors and designs. Your dog will love you, and you’ll get your peace of mind back.

Available at Your Basic Bird


Aside from their heart-melting tricks, dogs rarely have to work for their food. In order to reintroduce them to the ways of their ancestral hunting days, KONG created the Wobbler. Part toy, part food dispenser, the Wobbler is a challenging, but amusing, way for dogs to get their food. Owners fill the beehive-shaped toy with treats and watch their dogs go at it as the Wobbler spins and rolls around on the floor. It’s a unique alternative to conventional food bowls, and is sure to keep your dog preoccupied — while entertaining your guests.

Available at Petco

Mini Ball of Furry Fury
By Play-N-Squeak

If you’re a cat owner, chances are you have several tiny mouse toys collecting dust under your couch. Once lost, they’re out of sight, out of mind. Then, you inevitably have to buy new toys so your cat has something else to do besides scratch up your sofa. And the cycle continues. With an eye toward this common frustration, Play-N-Squeak has created a Mini Ball of Furry Fury, a mouse toy encased in a plastic ball that’s big enough to avoid getting lost under your furniture. As the mouse inside the ball spins around, the toy is sure to bring out the hunter in your cat. Let the good times roll!

Available at Your Basic Bird

Flyer Frisbee

Instead of the boring old traditional plastic Frisbee, try the Flyer Frisbee from GEORGE. Available in lime and orange, the Frisbee adds a vibrant flair to the game of fetch. In addition, it’s made of soft Cordura nylon, which promises to be gentle on your dog’s mouth while still incorporating the aerodynamic fun of regular Frisbee. Plus, it’s made by a Bay Area company, so you can feel good about supporting a local business.

Available at GEORGE

Cat Scratcher
By KONG Naturals

Love your cat but not the claw marks it leaves on your furniture? The Cat Scratcher from KONG Naturals will indulge your cat’s natural scratching instincts: It’s made of renewable resources, is recyclable, and is double-sided — so your cat can have twice the fun. Let your cat channel its wild side in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Plus, the scratcher comes with catnip that you can scatter into its honeycomb surface. What more could your cat want?

Available at Your Basic Bird

Saguaro Cactus Catnip Toy

Cats are smarter than we give them credit for. Even though they love to let loose with the occasional nibble of catnip, most know when they’ve had enough. So you can feel safe giving your cat the Saguaro Cactus Catnip Toy from GEORGE. Cactus-shaped, edible, and stuffed with organic catnip, it’s perfect for when you need to distract your attention-seeking feline from waltzing across your keyboard. Just give it the catnip cactus and watch it work its hallucinogenic magic.

Available at GEORGE


Your Basic Bird, 1940 College Ave., Berkeley, 510-841-7617,

Petco, 5791 Christie Ave., Emeryville, 510-594-9701,

GEORGE, 1824 Fourth St., Berkeley, 510-644-1033,

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