.Keeping Up

For the week of September 14-20, 2011.

Gripping your tightly fastened seatbelt any harder than you already are won’t give you the security you’re seeking. Daily life is traveling at the speed of light and there is every reason to believe that the escalating event velocity will turn regular routines into a multitasking blur. Don’t worry — everything will get done. That’s not the problem. In fact, there is no problem other than the strained capacity to keep up with the twists and turns of unexpected and spontaneous developments and revelations. Most of us are getting used to expecting the unexpected, but that doesn’t make it any easier for nervous systems to adjust to the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual quickening that lots of folks are feeling. There are days when even the air feels excited. This is why remembering to breathe will be crucial to navigating the electric environment.

The good news is that there is nothing pernicious about this pace. The only danger lies in its potential to sweep reason away, as well as to overpower and overwhelm those of us who try to match its rhythm. Some will flourish under this influence, but many are likely to suffer from frustration and confusion. So when possible, remember to be kind to and patient with your fellow travelers.

A Mars/Uranus trine generates the extraordinary pace. Mars symbolizes physical energy, as in muscles and movement. Uranus signifies nuclear energy, as in volatility and instability. When they unite through a positive interaction, their combined power produces prodigious amounts of energy at a moment’s notice. Procrastinators suffer under this influence, particularly because this positive combination of Mars and Uranus can be used to break through, break apart, or break away from old patterns — physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. This trine is also one of the signatures for the freedom fighter who can no longer tolerate oppression of any kind. Be prepared for rebellion — yours or others’ — and also anticipate that certain uprisings might catch you off guard, and as a result, you’ll find yourself on guard.

The ongoing Venus/Mars sextile still exerts an amorous influence, but this week, Venus moves into an opposition with Uranus, adding an eclectic and eccentric element to any passionate urges the sextile may be stimulating. Be aware that when Venus and Uranus form any union, positive or negative, attraction dies down as quickly as it flares up, making it wiser to avoid throwing caution to the wind when accepting proposals based on a momentary fancy. Sometimes Uranus/Venus magnetism endures, but mostly it just fades away into memories.

Many of us are likely to succumb to the stress and strain of trying to match the celestial pace, which is why it would be wise to remember that the planets have a rhythm all their own, and each of us has a unique response to that pace. So as the week unfolds, find yours, and then encourage your fellow travelers to do the same.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES You can use the eccentricities of the week to enhance your already dynamic persona if you’re willing to be bold about what matters most to you. Express your values, courageously, and others will admire your passion.

TAURUS You’re learning to believe in yourself, regardless of what you think others might think. That’s right: Refuse to buy into any projections, negative or positive, and instead rely on your own ability to recognize and own the truth.

GEMINI Conversations with friends have the power to stimulate your creative process, especially if you stay open to new ideas about how to do the same old thing. Try what you haven’t tried before and see what happens.

CANCER The challenge is in figuring out how to balance your need to stay cozy and safe at home with an equally strong need to find your place in the world. While there’s no easy answer, start by acknowledging that each contributes to the other.

LEO Share your passion freely with those you love, and you’ll be an inspiration. Don’t worry that you’ll be “too much.” You couldn’t dim your fire if you wanted to — and I’m hoping you don’t want to.

VIRGO This is not about external validation. It’s a question of value: How do you value yourself? And how do your interactions with others reflect your self-respect and self-esteem?

LIBRA From a certain perspective, it all comes down to this moment: Can you find the personal freedom you are searching for and still stay connected to the one (or ones) you love?

SCORPIO What you’re longing for is the clarity that comes from quiet contemplation, but that’s not happening any time soon. Make the best of the few available minutes by practicing short, concentrated meditations.

SAGITTARIUS One of the primary questions you’re wrestling with is how to share your gifts with the community, and it may be simpler than you can imagine. What’s important is engaging whole-heartedly in the process.

CAPRICORN Be realistic about how to divide your time between professional and personal obligations and desires, and you’ll eventually strike an honest balance that will benefit everyone involved.

AQUARIUS Finding a way to blend the beauty of big perspective with the details of the day-to-day can sometimes be a problem. But if you turn the solution over to your imagination, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to solve the dilemma.

PISCES You’re still in the mood for love, but you’re going through too many changes to limit that desire to one person, place, or activity. Allow yourself to stretch and you’ll eventually hone in on what you really desire.

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