Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus: Part Six

For the week of June 16-22, 2010.

Holograms are in motion this week, and as individual and collective poles tilt in new directions, unforeseen and unimagined alternate realities emerge. Expect to find yourself leaning into a new position, one you never thought you would embrace, and then expect that new view to have a profound effect on the past, present, and future. As old stories, told a thousand times, are retold from a fresh perspective, the collision between the revision and the original could result in disorientation. The good news is that no one will be bored. But staying grounded amidst these shifting sands won’t be easy. Fortunately, there is planetary support for planting your feet as well as your intentions firmly on the ground. Just remember to stay focused. The current levels of intensity aren’t going to diminish anytime soon, making it all the more important to find enough quiet time to replenish your reserves and gather your strength. Stamina is key to navigating this intensity successfully.

The source of emotional and psychic excitement continues to be the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aries. Interactions between Jupiter and Uranus are known (at least by some astrologers) as the “Thank the Lord” configurations, because the combination of Jupiter and Uranus is said to symbolize the sudden release from stresses of suffering. While it won’t be possible to see a literal release in each and every situation straining from extreme pressure (especially on the global stage) it is still worthwhile to contemplate where any significant releases or changes in personal policy might be occurring in your life. Are there grudges you’ve been holding onto for years that are inhibiting your heart from opening at a deeper, truer level? And are these perceived grievances limiting your capacity to grow? Conversely, are you suddenly comfortable being angry and taking a stand? Have you found the courage to move out of a bad relationship you once thought you could endure forever? Or are you changing in the middle of an identity crisis, altering your self-awareness and modifying your behavior accordingly?

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, is in Leo, where she trines both Jupiter and Uranus, forming a dazzling alliance that places the emphasis on romance. Be prepared to fall in love suddenly and dramatically. But also be prepared to fall out of love just as suddenly and just as dramatically. Uranus/Venus contacts seldom last. But with Jupiter amplifying those amorous feelings, it will be hard to resist the spontaneity of a proposal. This Venus/Jupiter/Uranus bundle also provides a strong current of creative inspiration, so anticipate new surges of passion to infuse artistic endeavors with innovative fire.

This week, do your best to stay open to shifting perspectives and altered realities. Sure, some of what occurs is certain to be disruptive, especially as old behaviors fail before new ones are born. But don’t let this discomfort discourage you. The current planetary cycle is fundamentally creative and offers many opportunities for transformation and healing, both personal and planetary.

ARIES Do something each day to restore your enthusiasm and you will reap the rewards of a positive attitude. Remember, whatever we focus our attention on becomes our reality. Be happy and your joy will inspire you and all who enter your field.

TAURUS Meditate on how you can bring greater beauty into your life, inside and out. Start by meditating on what beauty is for you, and then focus your energy on integrating those ideals into daily life.

GEMINI Conversations with friends continue to spark your imagination, especially when those exchanges focus on what matters most. Use this opportunity to gather valuable information and you’ll be surprised at how deeply you are affected.

CANCER This is one of those cosmic moments when you really can make solid financial gain. Seize the moment, and let nothing distract you, not even your own tendency to worry about whether you are doing enough.

LEO You won’t be able to resist love in all its many expressions. So shower the people you love with love, surrender to the notion that it is possible to love even your enemies, and you’ll live the idea that love is all you need.

VIRGO Rather than suffer over being misunderstood, take a moment to think about how you can soften your approach. I’m not suggesting you become a wimp, just advising you to think about the effect of your attitude.

LIBRA The emphasis is still on relationships, but this week, the focus is on your relationship with yourself. Pay attention to how you can treat yourself with greater respect and consideration.

SCORPIO Career opportunities offer several possibilities for following your bliss. Make the most of this phase by being clear about what brings you joy — you might be able to make it a full-time job.

SAGITTARIUS You’re aching for a change of scenery, so if you can’t take an actual vacation, figure out a way to simulate one, even if you have to turn your living room into a tiki bar.

CAPRICORN Deep emotional currents are still disrupting your peace of mind. And while the turmoil is upsetting, if you can embrace this process, you will make significant changes.

AQUARIUS You have the potential to draw in positive partners who will only enhance your success, or you will be that lucky person for someone else. Either way, you benefit from the situation.

PISCES Your opportunities for financial success are linked to how clearly you are able to communicate. Be organized, be direct, and be bold. You have everything to gain.


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