.Jupiter, Saturn, and (Mostly) Uranus: Part Three

For the week of May 26-June 2, 2010.

Frankly, it’s impossible to make any reasonable assessment of astral activity this week because planetary activity is simply off the charts. Uranus enters Aries on the evening of May 27, and when the planet of unpredictability shifts from one Sign to another, life on Earth resembles a series of spontaneous (as in I didn’t see it coming, even if you think you did) speed bumps — some that end in a screeching halt and others in a seemingly endless aerial suspension — until the car hits the ground with a resounding thud. What’s more, Uranus is moving from Pisces, a Water Sign, more commonly understood as a gentle, empathic force, into Aries, a Fire Sign, infamous for its insistence on individualism. And because of the sharp contrast between elements, it’s a transition that is sure to be (as the New Agers would say) “challenging.” The best advice I can offer is expect the unexpected and then expect the unexpected to be truly surprising.

For those of you wondering when the incessant intensity is going to end, I can only answer “not any time soon.” We’ve been riding this Uranian current for nearly six weeks, and it continues full-throttle well into August. The first stage was about Uranus winding down a cycle through Pisces that began in March 2003. The end of a cycle distills its essence, so if you are experiencing increased intensity in a specific area of your life, look back seven years to see if you can identify what was put into motion at that time. You may discover surprising correlations among situations that at first glance seem totally unrelated.

The second stage of the Uranus intensity — and the one that lasts well into the summer — is all about Aries, that tempestuous, passionate, adventurous Fire Sign of new beginnings. Aries initiates. And when the Aries need for activity combines with the kinetic energy of Uranus, bodies, minds, hearts, and souls move into action. One of the benefits of Uranus, in Aries, is the sudden ability to get off the couch and bid procrastination goodbye. That garage, closet, desk, storage unit, relationship, resume, or financial plan that’s long been in need of repair, renovation, and reorganization? Done. Except for one little glitch: Aries aren’t that interested in finishing. They are great starters, but when it comes to the details of closing the deal, Aries tend to rely on others to facilitate an ending as perfect as their beginning. And because Aries is a part of everyone’s birth chart, we all have this astrological gearshift happening somewhere in our individual lives.

As Uranus makes this transition, it would be wise to remember that Aries is the ancient Greek god of war. Like all good soldiers, Aries, bolstered by innate courage, hardly ever hesitates to take a stand, a position that could translate into lots of confrontations about issues big and small. And because the air has been so agitated for so long by so many angry people, many may feel moved into action they might later regret. Rather than greet Uranus, in Aries, with your fist in the air, give yourself permission to first consider the consequences of battle.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon sign, read that, too.

ARIES Any attempts to hide away will fail. So rather than waste a moment of precious time pretending to retire, step into the spotlight, assume your authority, and be an inspiration to your followers.

TAURUS Uranus takes you on a psychological journey that requires even more quiet time than usual. Honor your longing for introspection, and you’ll emerge from this phase with greater self-awareness.

GEMINI Think about how you want to share your gift with the world, and as a plan unfolds, be prepared for several Uranian twists of fate to implement and modify your vision.

CANCER Whether your career goals are short- or long-term, Uranus catalyzes your plans and provides opportunities for innovative strategies. Look for unexpected openings to spark your enthusiasm.

LEO Uranus shifts the focus from finance to faith, and asks you to bring awareness to the underlying structures that hold your universe in place. This is a completely beneficial journey, especially if you’re willing to grow.

VIRGO Uranus takes you on a journey of personal transformation that includes learning to live in better alignment with what matters most in your life. Open to this phase and you’ll be amazed and satisfied with your progress.

LIBRA Uranus focuses on partnership, and as a result, you are likely to experience sudden and startling events that rearrange many relationships. The good news is that your participation reveals valuable data for personal growth.

SCORPIO Uranus is stimulating work-related changes. Allow its lightning bolts of change to illuminate stagnation, and your situation will improve almost immediately.

SAGITTARIUS The creative current continues as Uranus moves you even more deeply toward the need for self-expression. There’s no way to ignore this Uranian call, so rather than resist, be open to the flow.

CAPRICORN Uranus stirs the deep, catalyzing memories from this life — and perhaps from other lives. Keep a journal of these powerful recollections, and you’ll be keeping a journal of your personal transformation.

AQUARIUS Uranus provokes conversations with unusual and eccentric characters. Stay open to innovative points of view, and you’ll be inspired to make positive shifts.

PISCES Uranus catalyzes a journey of value, and while at first glance it looks like it might be all about money, don’t let that fool you: This is about you gaining greater and lasting self-esteem.


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