.John Yoo Opens His Mouth

In the continuing tradition of interviewing John Yoo instead of spitting on him, California Alumni magazine has published a new profile of the UC Berkeley law professor who supplied much of the Bush administration’s legal argument for torture and coercive interrogation. The story’s highlights after the jump.

* Yoo “says he has no trouble getting lunch companions from among the Cal law faculty.”

* He opposes the war in Iraq, which “Yoo believes has drawn attention away from the new terror threat.”

* He has a bobblehead of William Rehnquist in his office.

* He worked with Ann Coulter ten years ago.

* He’s “a plump man who moves with a practiced grace.”

* In his new book War by Other Means, he describes “the real estate beachfront potential of the sparkling waters around the U.S. military facility of Guantanamo Bay.”

If you’d like to comment on the story, California Alumni has set up a special page to do just that. “Those who critcize torture seem to have forgotten or refuse to acknowledge that the events of 911 were facilitated by those who want only one thing from the United States: total destruction. I believe most Americans just want the events of 911 to just go away like turning a channel on an unpleasant movie while on the other hand criticizing the U.S. government for protecting its shores and people,” wrote a commenter named Victor. “Professor Woo [sic] is just carrying on the Boalt Hall tradition of Earl Warren who participated in the exclusion, removal and internment of approximately 120,000 innocent American citizens of Japanese descent from 1942 through 1945,” wrote Brad Sherman. And Anthony St. John wrote, “He is not worthy of even being spit upon.”

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