.Hearts of Palm At the Berkeley City Club

Deforestation frequently takes place not for urban development but to make space for regrowth in the form of plantation farming. Palm oil plantations have become an increasingly visible cause for the deforestation of tropical forests across the globe, particularly in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Harvested palm oil is then shipped globally to produce many of the processed goods that are used daily in developed countries. Central Works, a theater group affectionately housed by the Berkeley City Club (2315 Durant), have set out to expose the power players that populate this imperialist narrative through their Hearts of Palm performance, directed by Gary Graves and written by Patricia Milton. The show is set on a small Southeast Asian island and follows a company representative as she abandons her position to join the local resistance. A self-proclaimed story of “unrequited love meets unregulated capitalism,” Hearts of Palm will likely increase your sensitivity to processed goods.


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