Fantasy Becomes Reality

For the week of October 13-19, 2010.

A window of astral inspiration opens this week, clearing recent clouds of intensity (if only for a moment) and offering opportunities to actually see the men and women behind the curtain. Pay attention: This is a powerful chance to appreciate the power of an idea, particularly when that idea is married to a media blitz of indelible images. It is also a chance to witness just how deeply personal desire determines what’s seen and heard, especially these days when so many unconscious or semi-conscious predilections are being preyed upon.

From a personal perspective, it’s akin to walking through a house of mirrors where the distorted reflections reveal just how deeply unresolved relationship issues affect reactions and decisions. From a collective perspective, the political rhetoric, coupled with 24/7 ad campaigns (mostly focused on character assassination rather than the issues) is also akin to a house of mirrors — only in this dimension, the distortions have the potential to reveal strategies designed to manipulate viewers. A clear-headed, keen intelligence is required to side-step the trap of projection so that you can take advantage of the genuine inspiration available during the week.

A Sun/Neptune trine is the source of this week’s fantasy factor. Known in some astrological circles as the destroyer of illusion, Neptune symbolizes imagination, sensitivity, receptivity, projection, illusion, delusion, deceit, the urge to merge, and all states of altered consciousness. It’s a mighty force, and given that our perceptions are largely based on psychological and emotional factors rather than just the facts, it takes skill to best wield its force. When Neptune aligns positively with the Sun, sympathy and empathy abound, which means you can expect more than a fair share of bonding with your fellow travelers. This trine also intensifies the desire for spiritual nourishment, so don’t be surprised if you are inspired to search for a deeper understanding of your existing path, or for new ways of recognizing the sacred in daily life.

It’s a Sun/Mercury conjunction, with Mercury also in a trine to Neptune, that blurs the lines between fact and fiction and generates distortion. This conjunction leans toward a subjective perspective and the inability to assess the facts on their own. Under this influence, personal opinion is often misconstrued as truth. Mercury is often characterized as a trickster, and when it combines with Neptune, already slippery with the potential for deception, the blarney flows effortlessly. Couple that with a subjective mindset, and we run the risk of being seduced by what we want to hear without bothering to listen to what’s really being said.

While the possibilities for inspiration are truly stellar, the probability of either being deceived or deceiving one’s self is off the charts. Of course, common sense always wards off tricksters, so do your best to stay grounded. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Clarity about what it is you truly want to accomplish is the key to making all the right moves. So even if you don’t think you have the time to reflect on the big picture, make sure you do.

TAURUS You must choose: Get dragged down by an oppressive situation, or recognize that you’re caught in a repetitive pattern that is in dire need of transformation. Sounds like a simple choice, but breaking this spell requires strength.

GEMINI It’s all about strategy. While I’m not suggesting that you surrender your hopes and wishes, I am advising you to hone your vision toward what you can realistically expect to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time.

CANCER The solution is moderation, which means you can’t ignore the situation and you also can’t push too hard toward a specific outcome. The best position is a wait-and-see attitude that will allow all the different threads to weave a new picture of reality.

LEO Conversations with significant others could trigger anxiety about what lies ahead. Rather than succumbing to the stress, do whatever it is you do to cope — just make sure it’s healthy.

VIRGO Look at the situation objectively, and you’ll realize just how narrow your point of view has been. Yes, there are challenges, but all that’s needed to overcome the obstacles is an attitude adjustment.

LIBRA Even though you are still in the midst of a relationship intensive, it is possible to shift the focus away from what isn’t working toward what is. Remember, whatever we focus our attention on becomes our reality.

SCORPIO There are real opportunities for you to see deeply into persistent patterns that have previously eluded your awareness. That insight, coupled with the willingness to work hard, will help you to transform the situation.

SAGITTARIUS How do you want to share your gifts with the world? Teaching? Volunteering? Campaigning? Through artistic endeavors? Be clear about what you want to do, and how to do it will become clear.

CAPRICORN You are inspired to change your financial picture, and while your intentions are good, be careful not to get swayed by someone else’s hidden agenda. Get the facts first, and then make a decision.

AQUARIUS There is no need to be shy about assuming a leadership position. Simply rely on your innate sense of fairness and you will make the appropriate choices.

PISCES Allow yourself to get lost in a dream. Fantasize about a universe where cats are the most intelligent species and rule with gracious disdain. Whatever your choice, allow your dreams to revitalize your spirit.


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