Falling Forward

For the week of September 21-27, 2011.

Planetary patterns generate prodigious amounts of energy this week, but because many of us are already tired from trying to keep up with the nonstop intensity of daily life, taking advantage of this power supply won’t be easy. And while it’s true that some people are thriving in the midst of this madness, many are suffering from overload and overextension. Too much is happening too quickly, and because so much of what’s taking place is physical as well as psychological, emotional bodies prickle at the slightest touch, a reactive condition that makes it nearly impossible to make sense of what’s going on.

For some, especially those born in the early days of Cardinal Signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn — life just feels as if something’s gotta give. These are the action Signs, whose first response is doing something — anything — to relieve the tension, often without regard to the consequences. Even if you’re not a member of this Cardinal Gang of Four, you may be feeling the need to be decisive. But because all the pieces of the puzzle aren’t quite in place, you need to be cautious about acting prematurely. Before you leap, breathe deeply and keep breathing deeply until you calm the need to act for action’s sake.

The source of this astral vigor continues to be the Mars/Uranus trine. These planets both symbolize energy; Mars is physical energy, and Uranus is nuclear energy. When they work together, we experience the power to accomplish almost any task. This is the power to lift cars, as we saw demonstrated last week in Salt Lake City. The current trine is particularly intense because both planets are in Fire Signs. Mars is in Leo and Uranus is in Aries. Fire Signs thrive on excitement, so be prepared for all sorts of dynamic and dramatic encounters.

If you haven’t already experienced the intensity of this Mars/Uranus trine in the form of meltdowns or breakthroughs, don’t worry — there are still plenty of opportunities. As the Sun moves into Libra early in the morning on September 24, it signals the start of autumn, as it simultaneously forms an exact opposition with Uranus. There is no more powerful symbol for energy than the Sun, and when it combines in opposition with Uranus, the revolution hears the call to arms. Add to the mix a sextile with Mars, and increased agitation, personal and collective, becomes probable. Uranus only catalyzes stagnant systems, and part of that catalyzation turns comfort zones uncomfortable. Be prepared for more than a few awkward moments as you and those around you cope with the need to break free from behavior that no longer serves a positive purpose.

Sun/Uranus combinations also signify the rhythmic power of the heart — all hearts. And while each of us will experience the intensity of the week individually, we are all under the same astral umbrella. Do your best to keep your heart open to yourself and to your fellow travelers.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES You can succumb to the desire to polarize, or you can find a way to create synthesis. Sounds like a no-brainer, and it will be, if you’re able to put your pride aside and work toward a win/win solution for everyone.

TAURUS If you frame the situation as a dance between victim and victimizer, you’re likely to miss a step and become confused. Surrender the outcome to a higher power and you’ll be guided by a more expansive perspective.

GEMINI You couldn’t hold back your opinions if you wanted to, so say it loud and proud. And as I often advise, just remember to listen to others with the same respect and attentiveness.

CANCER The focus is on how you want to be seen and recognized in the world, and that includes both your personal and your professional persona. The most significant factor is how you demonstrate what matters most to you.

LEO You are in the leadership position, and because of that role, almost everyone is listening quite carefully to what you have to say. Be passionate, but also be mindful about your effect.

VIRGO The crux of your dilemma is learning to trust and honor your intuition. That doesn’t mean every fantasy or anxiety is true; it means learning to sort out and identify internal fact from fiction.

LIBRA You’re still grappling with the same issue, trying to discern what you want from what you really need. Relief comes from genuinely supportive friends who listen carefully and mirror accurately.

SCORPIO You’re in your element, and completely ready, willing, and able to move forward. Don’t be shy about stepping into the spotlight and taking charge. This is your moment — seize it.

SAGITTARIUS Rely on your innate gift of conversation, and you’ll find a way to gather the threads of various discussions and transform them into a beneficial dialogue for all concerned participants, including yourself.

CAPRICORN Get in touch with what you need before you do something you might later regret. This is not about denial. It’s about bringing awareness to how you get your needs met.

AQARIUS Open up a forthright dialogue with partners, personal and professional, and you’ll create the potential to shift certain stagnant patterns in a more positive direction. This may not be easy, but it will be worth the effort.

PISCES While some of your concerns are financial, the deeper theme is all about learning to know your value regardless of whether or not the external world validates your efforts. Remember: True value is never measured by dollars and cents.

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