.Election 2006: Rumored Poll Puts Aimee Allison Ahead in Oakland City Council Race

Aimee Allison’s campaign has been buzzing for weeks about a poll done last month that supposedly shows her five points ahead of incumbent Councilwoman Pat Kernighan. But who financed the poll? Both campaigns say they didn’t. The most likely suspect was OakPAC, the political arm of the Chamber of Commerce, which is backing Kernighan. But OakPAC spokesguy Scott Peterson (not that Scott Peterson) says his group didn’t do a poll either. A rep for the Service Employees International Union Local 790, the powerful city union backing Allison, says SEIU didn’t do a poll either. Is Allison’s camp just making shit up? Probably not, since Kernighan backers say they’ve also heard about the poll. Looks like we’ll have to wait for the only real poll that matters for some hard numbers – the election.


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