.Blog on Blog: We Read “We Read The Weeklies”

Flattered as always to win Weekly of the Week in last week’s “We Read The Weeklies.” That’s the column in which an SFist blogger summarizes what the Bay’s alt-weeklies did in the past seven, and often fixates on funny little things, like how the Bay Guardian, which never has anything nice to say about Gap founder Don Fisher, was all wrapped in the clothier’s RED ad campaign last week. But hey, we understand that editorial and advertising need to be separate. So what, then, is up with the commercial blowjob that Chronicle editorial staffers gave the Gap, Apple, and others in last Saturday’s print edition. Did y’all see that? Holy cow! One-third of the Chron‘s front page, top-to bottom, was covered by a deep-red graphic box that could easily have passed for a huge Gap-iPod ad, although it was just a story about the RED campaign. Our first thought: Is Executive Editor Phil Bronstein getting free khakis?


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