Compare California’s Competing Legal Weed Measures

Today, we reported that all signs point to failure for the California weed legalization efforts of 2014. It’s just too late in the game, the money hasn’t shown up, and the odds just don’t look favorable.


In the event that we’re wrong and all four initiatives magically qualify for the ballot in the next 66 days, we’re linking to a comparison of legalization flavors proposed by California’s woefully divided reform camps.

It’s created by the people behind one of the four measures, so you’ll want to fact-check it. But it also provides a map of the most disputed territory in weed law reform:

– who will regulate legal pot?
– will existing collectives be protected?
– can cities ban stores?
– how much can I grow?
– how much tax will I pay?
– are we going to set weed prisoners free?

These details bedevil the advance of reform in California. Meanwhile, the opposition is generally united under one banner: “No”.

Reformers are going to have to learn to hang together, or they will keep hanging themselves one by one.


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