Challenge Post-Mortem: Smash Mouth Did Not, in Fact, Eat the Eggs

Or at least not all of them. After talking some serious game on Friday, it looks like Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell didn’t ultimately eat 24 eggs today, as he promised he would. An eyewitness report from Dylan Travis (of Express-approved Oakland band Man/Miracle), who was one of the estimated 80 or so people who schlepped all the way out to a strip mall in Dublin to watch this story’s sad denouement:

He did eat some eggs, but nowhere near all of them…From the beginning, he was acting very much like he didn’t want to eat the eggs. The audience voted on how we wanted them cooked and Guy Fieri started making this giant omelet thing with mushrooms and all these crazy spices. Just this giant, inedible omelet that was super-spicy. He ate somewhere between eight and ten eggs and then this guy, Rick, from the audience offered to help, so he ate a bunch…and then this little short lady offered to do it, even though she was a vegetarian*…It was straight out of that John Waters movie, Pink Flamingos. And then the Smash Mouth guy took the final bite and that was it….It was really disappointing — he didn’t try very hard and was really trying to get out of it. He didn’t eat 24 eggs or anywhere near it…I was pretty disappointed…but I guess at that point the Dadaist absurdity of the entire situation was worth the price of entry.

Also— animal-lovers, you should probably skip to the next paragraph — according again to Travis, Fieri used duck and quail eggs** — one of which ended up having a live baby duck in it, which Fieri poured into the omelet bowl and then proceeded to scoop out at Harwell’s (totally understandable) request. YOU KNOW, JUST IN CASE THIS STORY COULDN’T GET ANY MORE SURREAL.

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