Brightest Motorcycle Emporium

Arlen Ness Motorcycles

Visitors walking into the Arlen Ness showroom in Dublin would be wise to keep their shades on. The well-shined choppers bounce so much light around, it feels as if you’re walking into a house of mirrors. And those are just the bikes for sale. Upstairs is where Ness, a master crafter of iconic status, keeps the real bling-bling. In the corner sits a fire-engine-red chopper so long that the front wheel turns the corner a minute before the back end catches up. Across the room, a ChiPs-inspired bike is tricked out and then parodied for “Arlen’s Patrol.” An angel-white beauty positively glistens among the thirty or so other choppers. We could go on. But the coolest of cool might be the “Hulkster,” a custom job bent to fit Hulk Hogan’s monstrous physique. Check out the photo of the Hulkster rockin’ his new wheels while wearing blue Lycra pants, white high-top shoes, and Plasticman shades. In any other setting, the Hulkster might shine.

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