.Best Traditional Latin American Dessert

Tres Leches Cake at Bakery El Sol

As the name implies, Tres leches cake is made with three kinds of milk: whole milk, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk (and probably some whipping cream for the topping, which some consider a fourth milk, though we’re not really here to discuss numbers of milks). Tres leches is a light, moist, spongy cake, not oversweet. And like an angel food cake, it is best served with fresh strawberries. Bakery El Sol in Fruitvale has perfected this decadent delight. It comes with two layers of cake topped with whipped cream and finished with dollops of strawberry gelée, and a drizzle of chocolate. Priced at $20, this cake could not be more of a steal, perfect for a birthday, graduation, or really any time at all.


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