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Savory Ricotta Donuts With or Without Bacon at Top Hatters Kitchen

San Leandro’s Top Hatters Kitchen has some fantastic lemon-ricotta doughnuts (with vanilla bean crème fraiche) on its dessert menu. That’s all well and good, but for a real splurge, go to the “small plates” section of the menu and order doughnuts for dinner. Its savory ricotta doughnut is elegant and yet delightfully reminiscent of street food. Your senses will be sparkling all over the map. They are creamy, light and fluffy Italian-style doughnuts, which may remind you of doughnut holes. These savory pastries are made with pecorino, garlic, herbs, and your choice of bacon ($11) or no bacon ($9). (Obviously, the correct answer is yes). DanVy Vu who owns the restaurant with her husband Matthew Beavers used to own the food truck Go Streatery, which she described as “peasant food.” Now she gone a bit more upscale, but the fun and creativity are still there in everything she does, especially these addictive doughnuts.


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