.Best Quesadilla That Pulls Out All the Stops

Los Carnalitos

If you’re used to quesadillas made with store-bought tortillas and pre-shredded cheese, Los Carnalitos will forever change your perceptions of what a quesadilla can be. These are made with giant hand-pressed tortillas, made to order using fresh masa. The resulting tortilla is thicker than its store-bought counterpart, with a texture that falls somewhere between airy and al dente. Inside, shredded Oaxaca-style cheese, queso fresco, lettuce, and tomatillo salsa add creamy, fresh, and zesty flavors. Try the quesadilla Azteca, which comes stuffed with nopales (cactus), mushrooms, huitlacoche (corn fungus), and squash blossoms. The result is earthy and bursting with flavor. Or go for the chicharron version, which uses rich, succulent pork in a spicy red sauce for an over-the-top treat.


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