.The Most Cinnamon-Sugar Happiness You Can Buy for $2.50

Cajeta Churro from Churros Mexicanos

After trying the churros from the Churros Mexicanos cart at the Fruitvale Public Market, you’ll never be able to touch another baseball stadium churro again. These doughy delights are freshly fried, then rolled in a touch of cinnamon sugar. You could just opt for a plain, but the fillings are what take these churros over the top. Cajeta, or goat’s milk caramel, is the winner here — it’s milky, toasty, and sweet. Chocolate comes in at a close second place, with its pudding-like flavor and texture, though you can’t go wrong with the vanilla or strawberry fillings, either. No matter what you choose, the filling is piping hot, making it easy to burn your lips if you can’t wait to eat it. But who can?


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