.Best Place to Spend $5: Sunday Movies at ‘Jack London Theater’

Going to the movies is great and all, but spending more than $12 for a ticket is absolute highway robbery. In order to satisfy your new-release fix without losing grip of all your hard-earned money, check out the deals at the Jack London Theater (as we Oaklanders like to call it). Otherwise known as Regal Cinemas Jack London 9, this location features a budget-conscious deal every Tuesday and Sunday: any screening, even in 3-D, are only $5 if you have the Regal Club card, and $6 if you don’t. If you go on a Tuesday, there’s rarely a crowd. But on Sundays, the lines are super long, so make sure to buy your tickets ahead of time and show up at least 45 minutes before the movie starts. With this deal, you can go ahead and splurge at the concession stand. 100 Washington St, Oakland, RegMovies.com.


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