Best Place to See Rock/Punk Live

The Minnow

Unfortunately, good venues that host punk rock bands in the East Bay have an average life span of about six months, give or take. But pessimistic attitude aside, hope still springs eternal, though it seems that the Minnow’s days are probably numbered. And that’s simply because it seems (like another East Bay venue that has recently closed, remember the late great Kicks II?) that the club is almost too good to be true. If the Minnow were a terrible place with dreadful acoustics, an asshole staff, and if the only bands that played there were lousy — for it seems that mediocre places that feature these traits are the ones that usually survive the longest, for some perverse reason — then the club would be destined to stick around forever. And for those who gripe that the club is in Alameda: Get over it, already. Nope, things aren’t status quo crappy at the Minnow. The place seems blessed with not-bad acoustics, good bands, friendly employees, and the place itself is large and comfy with a bigass dance floor. And …last but not least… there are a couple of pool tables to boot. So maybe if they hired mean people and stopped doing things right they’d outlive the East Bay club curse. Hey, it’s just a suggestion.

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