Best Gay Bar

The White Horse Inn

Best isn’t really the question when there’s basically only one in town. And such is the White Horse’s situation. (Okay, there’s the Bench and Bar in Oakland, but that’s really a dance club.) While the same old tired house music fills the air, you will find a decent cross section of the local GLBT scene: from sweater queens to academic homosexuals to queer students to local homies to granola dykes (yes, they still exist) to gorgeously regal African-American queens, both male and female and just about every other color and creed you can imagine. The good news is that the White Ho’, as it is affectionately known, is like a small-town gay bar where everybody has to go. That is also the bad news. It is a fine place to drop in, chill out, and even dance to very ancient disco with some standard house thrown in. Perhaps start your evening here, then move on. Or — equally valid — show up for that final nightcap even if you don’t feel like attending the sidewalk sale!

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