Best Place to Leave the Kids After SchoolAnd clean up their language, too

The Collector's Corner

Exactly how much money have your children poured down the Yu-Gi-Oh toilet? All in all, leaving the tots with a couple bucks for some cards is a lot easier than paying a sitter to watch them between three and five on weekdays. While you’re worrying about teaching your kids the value of a dollar, Bull is calmly tolerating the screams, heckles, and accusations that come from those unthrifty kids of yours. The Collector’s Corner on Piedmont Avenue is a tiny shop stall stacked high with sports cards, action figures, and comic books. But come in any day at 3:00 p.m. and you’ll find that the real draw here are the collectible card games Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic: the Gathering. If your anklebiters are would-be card sharks, you can leave them here under the watchful eye of Bull and his staff. They’re more than happy to stand guard over the little rascals as they play and swindle one another in lopsided trades. Just make sure your kids don’t have foul mouths; there’s a swear jar here, and Bull don’t take no lip.

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