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Pistachio Milkshake at Park Way Drive-In (formerly Kwik Way)

For something that’s pretty much entirely composed of sugar and fat, the milkshake is alarmingly easy to screw up: All too many of ’em are gratuitously thick, essentially just melty ice cream, while others might as well be chocolate milk, they’re so anemically textured. And then there’s the issue of flavorings — most places offer chocolate and vanilla, strawberry if you’re lucky, and little else. Except, that is, for Park Way, whose pistachio shake is damn near perfect: Appreciably thick but not straw-foilingly solid; ideally (but not excessively) sweet; gorgeously bright green but not in an artificial way; and boasting a flavor so deeply, genuinely nutty there’s no way it could’ve come from a powder. Best of all, though, is the chunks of pistachio blended right into the shake for crunch and flavor. Just when you thought fat and sugar couldn’t get any better …


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