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.Best Civil Rights Lawyer You May Not Have Heard Of

Adante Pointer

music in the park san jose

Oscar Grant. Mario Woods. Alex Nieto. When the names of these Black and brown men who have died at the hands of police surface in the Bay Area, most think of civil rights attorney John Burris as their surviving families’ champion. But of the roughly 60 cases the Burris Law Firm is handling right now, attorney Adante Pointer, is overseeing more than a third of them. “I’m shepherding the grieving families through a process to get justice when they’ve been denied it through the criminal process and disciplinary process for officers,” Pointer told his alma mater, UC Hastings, in 2016. “The ability to act as a shield and sword to those who are defenseless is rewarding.” Often the jury verdicts do pay off. In 2007, Pointer and a colleague won a $6 million verdict from Oakland for a couple who said police had barged into their home and falsely arrested them on charges that they had a rifle. And he’s had plenty more successes since. Among the most recent: In July, a federal jury recommended that the family 18-year-old Anthony Nunez — represented by Pointer — receive $2.6 million after they found two San Jose police officers liable for his death in 2016. 


  1. This is briefly what we are experiencing with OPD.
    In open court. We heard, Two officers embellish or out right lied. About events that transpired. On the night of the accident. And blatantly fabricate. Medical facts in the after math to pursue great bodily injury (GBI) charges.
    Skid mark/tire tread shoes I attempted to stop
    Gbi charge added although Cervantes does know her initial diagnosis “neck strain” but now complains of arm pain with no medical report corroborating claim
    -Nerve conduction test/report shows results as normal
    Page is missing/omitted
    “Page 315” skips page 20
    Also “page 23 page 317-318”
    -No record of physical therapy progress or check in from 10/26/2021-5/24/2022 in medical reports
    -“medically cleared” at HGH. In court it states she walked out with no treatment;
    No HGH records given in discovery.
    We we would appreciate that this case be examined by district attorney Price.
    As concerned citizens outraged by the injustice displayed. And sustained by the Judge at the preliminary hearing.
    Do to the malevolent nature of the Oakland police department (OPD), And police in general, we the people are afraid that this will end up being another black man wrongfully convicted. In the name of (In)justice. So we ask-with the utmost respect-that D.A Price and those under her employ. Thoroughly review the evidence and transcripts (including exhibits in the preliminary hearing. As well as investigate OPD Officer Felicia Cervantes for perjury, falsifying police reports and frauding the workers compensation system for the past year

    Thank you for your time and consideration
    We the people
    Rose Perry

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