.Best Chicken And Waffles On The Go


Chefs Mayra Velazquez and Justino “Tino” Perez started Xingones as a way to showcase their finest tacos, pozole, nachos, taquitos, tortas, and fried chicken. But it was that fried chicken, served with waffles, that has caught people’s attention. It’s a truly special dish with two pieces of fried chicken and two corners of waffles, served as casually as a taco, ready to be picked up with your hands and gobbled down mid-conversation. At $13, it’s a cheap dinner that will satisfy better than any fast food option. The waffles are airy with a thin outer crunch and will melt in your mouth, and the chicken — well, that’s where Perez truly shines. It’s a recipe that he’s been working on for years before even starting Xingones. The skin is crunchy and the meat inside is juicy. For anyone craving chicken but not the waffles, you can swap them out for a different side: fries, black beans or macaroni salad.


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