.Beauty’s Bagel Shop Update: For Fans of Montreal-Style Bagels, the Long Wait Is (Almost) Over

Last April, Beauty’s Bagel Shop burst onto the scene with dense, ever-so-slightly-sweet bagels that were better than anything most of us long-suffering East Coast transplants had been able to get our hands on since — well, since we moved out West.

Still shopless at the time, Blake Joffe (then the sous chef at Pizzeria Delfina) and partner Amy Remsen (a server at the now-shuttered Addie’s Pizza Pie) were baking Montreal-style bagels in the wood oven during off hours at Addie’s and hawking their hand-rolled wares by way of two local delis: Wise Sons in the Mission and Saul’s in Berkeley. All the while, rumors kept circulating about an actual brick-and-mortar bagel shop that was supposed to open in Temescal, at 3838 Telegraph Ave.

So we, the bagel-obsessed, waited … and waited … and here we are more than a year later, and still no Beauty’s Bagel Shop. But this week, barring unforeseen circumstances, the wait finally ends: With one final hoop to jump through (the health inspection, which should take place early this week), Beauty’s is set to softly open as early as this Wednesday or Thursday.


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