.Michael Giotis

Jul 13, 2022

Greek Weed

Some things (may) never change While the States lead the way in the legalization of cannabis, other countries are slow to follow. Or are they?...
Jun 29, 2022

A Great Idea: Emerald New Deal gives back

Sometimes you just know a good idea when you hear it. The Emerald New Deal, a proposed measure currently before the Oakland City Council,...
Jun 15, 2022

Return of the Tea Pad: Tea pads are on the way back. Wait, what?

Recent great experiences flyin’ where I’m buyin’—from the hospitality buzz of Barbary Coast Lounge in San Francisco to the ethereal calm of Riverside Wellness...
Jun 8, 2022

Problems and Solutions: Down with Taxes, Uplift People

On June 2, a rally was organized at the California State Capitol in response to inadequate cannabis tax reforms recently proposed by Gov. Gavin...
Jun 1, 2022

Pioneers: Dennis Peron, Pride in Prop 215

"Dennis Peron's work served a higher purpose. Through his activism and advocacy for patient access and medical cannabis legalization, Dennis was advancing human rights...
May 25, 2022

One Million Plants: Can we learn from Thailand’s weed wisdom?

The times are truly changing. Weed will soon be abundant in Thailand. One of the scariest countries to kick back and smoke a doob in...
May 25, 2022

Critical Viewing: Essential documentaries to watch this summer

The documentary art form has evolved into an everyday tool to learn about and understand the world. True, sometimes people just need to take a...
May 11, 2022

The Apple Campus of Weed: PowerPlant Park creates jobs in Richmond

Sometimes this crazy cannibalistic cannabis industry, overrun by excise taxes, underwater in bottoming harvest pricing and awash with out of state investment, can still...