.A’s Ready to finish Three Month Old Game

Suspend Belief and the Time Space continuum

On May 19th in Detroit, the A’s took a 5-3 lead over the Tigers going into the bottom of the 7th inning. Friday in Oakland, the teams meet again to finish it.

Because the Tigers had not finished their at bat before the rains washed out the contest, rather than be punished with a shortened defeat, the game was suspended at the moment A’s closer (not then a closer) Liam Hendriks had a 2-2 count on Tiger (no longer a Tiger) Josh Harrison, which is where the game will resume. Just where the teams left off. But now in Oakland

The A’s were in the midst of a ten-game winning streak when the contest was interrupted, so we begin the slew of speculative scenarios that are the type that make baseball fans swoon. If the A’s hold on, will we have a retroactive eleven game winning streak? Who will take the place of the lost Tigers in the line up? The batter who takes Harrison’s place will have only one strike before he is out. Detroit was the home team in May, and remains so. If they come back to win in the 9th, they will walk it off in the Coliseum. Stephen Piscotty who gave Oakland the lead before the rain, is injured and will not finish the game he started. Nor will centerfielder Ramon Laureano. Five of the proto-Tigers have scattered to other teams and will be listed in a box score they’ve long ago exited. Neither A’s catcher who started the game is around to finish, but we have three new ones to wrap things up. All in all for the newly streaking A’s, who won their third straight today, a chance to maintain or add on to two separate runs. In a lost season, such a strange game would be worth it for the oddity value alone, one game ahead of the last wild card, this potential two inning contest counts as much as the scheduled nine-inning game to follow in the chase for the post season. Ecce baseball! For those who think the games take too long and those who are sad when it ends too early–tomorrow is the night when you’re both right.


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