music in the park san jose

.A’s crush Jon Lester at Last

Revenge is a pitch best served old

music in the park san jose

We hate Jon Lester.

The 2014 American League Wild Card game still haunts.

The Oakland A’s traded earlier that season for the alleged big -time ace pitcher, to have him ready for exactly the scenario that came to be–a one-game win or go home playoff contest. Which Lester choked.

We never liked his gunslinger vibe, we hated him never making pick-off throws to first base, and totally expected him to pack his ball bag for the highest bidder when he coughed up our last best chance to get value after trading Yoenis Cespedes.

So it was especially gratifying to beat his ass tonight in Chicago. Lester gave him base hits to pitchers, home runs to back up catchers, and he walked everyone else in the ball park. By the fourth inning, the A’s were up 8-0, and cruising en route to an 11-4 whupping. Spell it Lester with an “L”. We know a routine game in August does not make up for a searing defeat in October five years back, but every flubbed infield squib and ground ball with eyes provided a little warmth in the heart of A’s fans who enjoyed tonight’s kindling of a pitcher we are all too happy to torch


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music in the park san jose
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