.Artist Video: Amaryllis De Jesus Moleski and khoLi

On their Betti Ono show, Amen

To celebrate the fourth anniversary of Betti Ono, gallery director Anyka Barber decided to reflect on the past by looking forward. For Amen, Oakland artists Amaryllis De Jesus Moleski and khoLi partnered to create a show that depicts an idealized present by envisioning it as a future history, with a focus on the inclusion of marginalized, queer people of color. The show features paintings by Moleski with poetry by khoLi interspersed among the works and written using cutout, water-colored letters, dreamily articulating the myth that Moleski illustrates. Together, the artists ask “How will queer communities of color be remembered in the future?” We sat down with them in the gallery to learn about how their work attempts to answer that question through artistic determination. Amen runs through Friday, Oct. 31.

AMEN from East Bay Express on Vimeo.


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