.15 Best Marijuana Gifts for Less Than $20

The Legalization Nation Holiday Gift Guide 2014 is packed with aspirational paraphernalia, like a $600 scientific bubbler and $800 desktop vaporizers made by NASA scientists. For the rest of us 99 Percenters, here are some of the best weed-related gifts for less than $20:

1. Raw Papers Organic Raw Cone 6-pack ($3.85). For all the folks who want to smoke a cone but can’t be bothered to learn how to roll one. Just unwrap and pack.

2. Cheech & Chong Grinder License ($10.99).  A grinder card is a credit-card sized piece of metal with a mesh inlay to grind up herb.

[jump] 3. Marijuana for Everybody By Elise McDonough ($16.95). Billed as 2014’s definitive guide to getting high, feeling good, and having fun.

4. Doob Tube 4-Pack ($3.95). Four large, airtight tubes for keeping joints safe while staying odor-free during transport.

5. Smelly Proof Bags 2”X3” 10-pack ($3.99). Extra-small airtight bags for bringing a few nugs with ya.

6. 1/4 oz. glass stash jar ($8). Keep your head stash behind glass with this 1/4-ounce glass jat with airtight seal.

7. Santa Cruz Shredder mini 2-piece ($21.95). This baby breaks our ceiling of $20 for a gift, but scrounge up some nickels from the couch — it’s worth it.

8. Tommy Chong’s Smoke Swipe 3-Pack ($9.99). A dry odor-eliminating wipe to eliminate the smell of cannabis and tobacco odor on clothing and hair.

9. Bee Line OG Hemp Wick Ball ($16.50) keep butane lighters away from your precious flowers with Bee Line’s award winning hemp wick ball.

10. Visine Original Eye Drops ($7.99). For obvious reasons.

11. ROOR – Disc-End Glass Poker ($14.50). Give your keys a break and get a real implement.

12. Peter Tosh’s “Legalize It” (Legacy Edition) ($15.99). Target advertises it for $15.99.

13. NoGoo – Non-Stick Container 5-Pack ($19.95). A non-stick container for holding sticky extracts.

14. Happy Daddy – Buddah Bomb – Titanium Concentrate Tool ($20.00).  A tool for handling sticky extracts on their way to the dab rig.

15. G-Spot Domeless Ceramic Oil Nail ($17.99).  An all-ceramic nail used for vaping extracts.


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