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.Will the A’s Set Up Next to Warm Springs BART?

Matier and Ross report that the Oakland A’s and BART officials are talking about relocating the Fremont stadium near enough to the proposed Warm Springs BART station for people to walk to the game. It seems that the meltdown has scuttled Lew Wolff’s plans to build 3,000 apartments next to the stadium, as part of his “ballpark village” scheme. And the move would eliminate concerns that Fremont would be clogged with traffic, as fans who can’t conveniently take BART to the game would drive to the stadium. It’s an interesting idea, but here’s the rub: the new ballpark would practically abut the NUMMI car factory, and NUMMI officials have already complained about the possibility that ballpark traffic would disrupt their operation. Still, you can’t have everything.


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music in the park san jose