Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

For the week of November 24-30, 2010.

This week is a complex puzzle of planetary contradiction, so don’t be dismayed if you feel confused or perplexed about where to spend your time and energy. The planets are almost as busy as they were last week, which means we are, too. But because many of us are feeling stretched beyond our capacity, interpersonal interactions could tend toward cranky, especially as intentions collide with reality. Anticipate your Thanksgiving feast to be steeped in gratitude, but also be prepared for unresolved family dynamics to result in physical as well as emotional indigestion. Also expect a deep need for quiet time to clash with an equally deep desire to participate in seasonal libations. The winter solstice is only four weeks away, and as the Sun “stands still,” the days grow darker, beckoning us toward deeply internal processes. But there is a hitch. The festivals of lights meant to celebrate the solstice make introspection nearly impossible. Who wants to sit in the dark when you can sing and dance the dark away? It won’t be easy putting the pieces of your daily life into a picture that includes these conflicting inclinations, but if you make “moderation” your mantra, you’ll find a way to make the contradictions work.

The cranky factor stems from a square between the Mercury/Mars conjunction, still operative from last week, and the ongoing Jupiter/Uranus conjunction. No longer tethered to Saturn, the Mercury Mars conjunction is free to move wherever it chooses. Unfortunately, because Mercury can move between heaven and hell in the blink of the mind’s eye, when it combines with Mars, minds tend to be pulled in too many directions at once. You’ll need to actively work on staying focused on the tasks at hand. This conjunction already affects nervous systems, and when you add a square to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, you got a whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on. Don’t be surprised if already disturbed sleep patterns are even more disturbed. This entire bundle can be quite creative, and that creativity can be put to good use devising innovative solutions to previously unsolvable situations. But this bundle can also fuel quick decisions and impulsive behavior made on the basis of a quick flash of intuition, rather than on a thoughtful, deliberate process that considers the consequences. Of course, while the flashy answer may be correct, you will still need a grounded, thorough plan to implement that brilliance.

Many of us will be sitting down at the Thanksgiving table spiritually and psychically depleted from coping with 2010’s enormous waves of change. Some of us will be exhausted from helping those in need and others will be worn out from needing help. Despite our differing roles, we are all traveling through this experience of life together, and when we allow ourselves to be aware of what unites rather than what divides, the mostly invisible threads that weave us together are suddenly apparent. I can’t honestly say I am thankful for what separates us. But I am thankful for what heals that separation and allows us to be as one.

If you know your Ascendant and/or your Moon Sign, read that, too.

ARIES Try not to let the cranky tone of the week draw you into conflicts you’d be better off avoiding. Refuse to engage in any battle based on a self-righteous insistence that your way is the only way.

TAURUS You’re in the midst of a deep transformational process. Rather than resist, surrender, and allow that letting go to catalyze a new perspective on how to share your gifts and talents.

GEMINI The goal is not winning the battle; it’s creating the compassionate ground of compromise so that each person is able to feel proud of his or her contribution. This enhances everyone’s success.

CANCER You’re overextended and in need of serious rest and rehabilitation. Take the time you need to recuperate. You won’t be a help to anyone — including yourself — if you are too tired to participate.

LEO Be clear and direct about what you need and then allow yourself to witness how easily others are able to hear you. Not everyone will respond to your needs, but those that do will respond with love.

VIRGO Think before you nit-pick, and squabble if you must, but be aware that those petty peeves could turn into polarizing positions. The best solution would be to make love not war.

LIBRA Conversations with co-workers could deliver unsettling and disturbing information. Rather than jump to conclusions on the basis of hearsay, gather your facts and make your decisions based on that data.

SCORPIO A gentle and soothing disposition will help you to handle several difficult situations with insight and ease. Pay close attention to the details, but don’t forget to take in the big picture.

SAGITTARIUS You are in the leadership position, but are uncertain about the “right” direction. Take a moment to contemplate where your efforts will be best spent, then get to work.

CAPRICORN Try not to let your internal monologue turn into a self-negating diatribe. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, even you, and sometimes making a mistake is the best way to learn.

AQUARIUS Disagreements with friends over finances could turn into bigger battles, especially if there are underlying differences in ultimate values. Make your intentions clear, and that clarity will guide your choices.

PISCES Yes, you are cranky, but you are also funny. Let humor be your weapon of choice and you will wind up making everyone, including yourself, laugh at the outrageousness of the situation.


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